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  • Stanisław Moniuszko (1819 - 1872):
  • 1Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Overture [Live]07:33
  • 2Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Niechaj żyje para młoda [Live]04:30
  • 3Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Pobłogosław, ojcze panie [Live]06:03
  • 4Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Skąd tu przybyła mimo mej woli? [Live]02:37
  • 5Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Jako od wichru krzew połamany [Live]02:09
  • 6Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: O Jaśko! Mój drogi! [Live]07:23
  • 7Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Gdzieżeś, gdzieżeś panie młody? [Live]01:37
  • 8Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: O mościwi mi panowie! [Live]02:53
  • 9Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Mazurka [Live]03:54
  • 10Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Entr'acte [1] [Live]01:03
  • 11Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: O! Jakżebym klęczeć już chciała [Live]02:07
  • 12Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Gdyby rannym słonkiem [Live]04:28
  • 13Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: A widzisz Jontku [Live]02:53
  • 14Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: I ty mu wierzysz, biedna dziewczyno [Live]04:58
  • 15Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Puszczajcie mnie! [Live]01:31
  • 16Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Wszak ci mówiłem [Live]03:10
  • 17Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Dziwna jakaś dziewka! [Live]01:40
  • 18Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Entr'acte [2] [Live]02:43
  • 19Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Po nieszporach przy niedzieli [Live]05:11
  • 20Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Tańce góralskie [Live]04:20
  • 21Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Patrzajta! Cóż tam? [Live]07:00
  • 22Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Tak to, tak z dziewczętami [Live]02:10
  • 23Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Introduction [Live]01:04
  • 24Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Nieszczęsna Halka! Gwałtem tu idzie [Live]01:22
  • 25Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Hej dudarzu! [Live]01:18
  • 26Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Szumią jodły na gór szczycie [Live]05:45
  • 27Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Dobrze, żeście tu gromadą! [Live]09:54
  • 28Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Oj wesoło, oj wesoło! [Live]02:07
  • 29Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Ojcze z niebios, Boże, Panie [Live]02:00
  • 30Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Ha! Dzieciątko nam umiera [Live]01:52
  • 31Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: O, mój maleńki! [Live]06:30
  • 32Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Jażbym cię miała zabić, mój drogi [Live]01:18
  • 33Moniuszko: Halka (1858 Version) [Excerpts]: Halko, o, Halko! [Live]01:59
  • Total Runtime01:57:02

Info for Moniuszko: Halka

Polish composer, conductor and teacher Stanisław Moniuszko is widely known as ‘the father of Polish national opera’. Halka tells the tragic story of its title character, a peasant girl whose love for the noble Janusz is betrayed when he abandons her to wed Zofia, daughter of the Esquire. Recorded here in an acclaimed production by Poznań Opera House, Halka possesses a deeply lyrical character making it one of the composer’s greatest works. The aria ‘Szumią jodły na gór szczycie’ (‘The firs are rustling on the mountain top’) is considered one of the most beautiful of the 19th century.

Dominik Sutowicz, tenor
Magdalena Molendowska, soprano
Lukasz Golinski, bass-baritone
Poznan Opera Chorus
Poznan State Moniuszko Opera Orchestra
Gabriel Chmura, conductor

Gabriel Chmura
Born in Poland, Gabriel Chmura grew up in Israel. He studied piano and composition at the Music Academy of Tel Aviv, then conducting with Pierre Dervaux in Paris, Hans Swarowsky in Vienna and Franco Ferrara in Siena. After winning first prize in the Herbert von Karajan Competition in Berlin and the Guido Cantelli Competition in Milan in 1971, he embarked upon a series of international engagements. He has held appointments as Music Director of the opera house in Aachen (1974 – 83) and the Bochum Symphony Orchestra (1983 – 87), as well as the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa (1987 – 90), with which he undertook extensive tours in North America that included performances at Carnegie Hall in New York. As a guest conductor he has performed Otello and Carmen in Munich, Samson et Dalila in Barcelona and, in Paris, Werther at the Opéra and Le Coq d’or at the Théâtre musical du Châtelet. In 2001 Gabriel Chmura took up his appointment as Music Director of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, with which he has toured the UK, France, Germany, South America and Japan as well as appearing at the Prague Autumn festival.

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