Fight For Your Mind (Remastered) Ben Harper

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Label: Virgin Catalog (V81)

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Blues Rock

Artist: Ben Harper

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  • 1Oppression02:58
  • 2Ground On Down04:52
  • 3Another Lonely Day03:43
  • 4Please Me Like You Want To05:30
  • 5Gold To Me04:59
  • 6Burn One Down03:31
  • 7Excuse Me Mr.05:24
  • 8People Lead04:14
  • 9Fight For Your Mind04:05
  • 10Give A Man A Home03:35
  • 11By My Side03:33
  • 12Power Of The Gospel06:01
  • 13God Fearing Man11:48
  • 14One Road To Freedom04:17
  • Total Runtime01:08:30

Info for Fight For Your Mind (Remastered)

"Fight for Your Mind" is the second album by Ben Harper. Released in August 1995, it was his last solo album before adding the Innocent Criminals to his line-up. Reviews were generally very positive, praising Harper's fusion of multiple genres, from folk ("Another Lonely Day"), folk rock ("Gold to Me"), and politically charged reggae ("Excuse Me Mr.").

"Fight for Your Mind fully embraces Ben Harper's influences (Dylan, Marley, Havens, and Hendrix) into a complete sound while simultaneously broadening his thematic and musical palette. Oliver Charles' tactile drumming and Leon Mobley's percussion work give a sparkle to Harper's music that was absent on his debut. Songs like "Gold to Me" and "Excuse Me Mr." show Harper growing as a poet, approaching ideas via more subtle avenues. The single "Ground on Down" and epic jam "God Fearing Man" capture some of the explosive energy of his live performances. The latter makes allusions to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and that's exactly what Harper does -- allows his trademark Weissenborn guitar to scream out to his audience. The only misstep on this album is his sophomoric weed anthem "Burn One Down," but one might argue that a little tarnish adds character." (Ryan Randall Goble, AMG)

Ben Harper, acoustic guitar, vocals
Oliver Charles, drums
Juan Nelson, bass
Ervin Pope, organ, Hammond organ
Brett Banduci, viola
Danielle Charles, violin
Bob "Stiv" Coke, tabla, tambourine, tamboura, sarod
Timothy Loo, cello
Leon Mobley, percussion

Produced by Ben Harper, Jean-Pierre Plunier, Bob "Stiv" Coke

Digitally remastered

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