PHOENIX MODE Ashton Travis

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Label: Def Jam Recordings

Genre: Hip-Hop

Subgenre: Rap

Artist: Ashton Travis

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  • 1INFINITY01:58
  • 2Passion & Pain!02:31
  • 3Robbery03:10
  • 4Death Row03:13
  • 5Playing With Fire03:31
  • 6Too Fast/Bad4Me04:03
  • 7Almost There03:15
  • Total Runtime21:41


Signed to Def Jam early last year, he’s a singer/rapper combo from Houston whose style pays homage to both old school legends like DJ Screw and contemporary stars like Don Toliver and Travis Scott. A Howard University dropout, the crooner addresses relationship issues and personal growth with smooth vocals, sticky melodies, and woozy instrumentals. His debut is well-worth the playthrough.

His new album, Phoenix Mode, giving us a brief intermission from our regular stay-at-home routine, taking us out of quarantine and into the backseat of a top-down car, warm breeze washing over our face. These smooth, soulful melodies are some of the main features that define much of Ashton's work, curating a vibe that is both dizzying and relaxing at the same time.

“I’ve overthought a lot of things and I’ve held myself back from different opportunities because I’ve been living in my mind, worried, focusing on what could be. With the music I have now, it just feels like a collection of songs that scream I’m here, I’m alive, I’m happy to be alive, and I’ma talk about shit that moves my spirit, hoping that it moves the next person’s spirit that listens to it because we ain’t got all day. We could be dead tomorrow.” (Ashton Travis)

Ashton Travis

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