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Label: Grand Piano

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Giorgio Koukl

Composer: Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986)

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  • Alexandre Tansman (1897 - 1986): 11 Interludes:
  • 111 Interludes: No. 1, Moderato01:47
  • 211 Interludes: No. 2, Allegro giusto01:05
  • 311 Interludes: No. 3, Lento01:23
  • 411 Interludes: No. 4, Andante01:11
  • 511 Interludes: No. 5, Allegro con brio01:17
  • 611 Interludes: No. 6, Moderato01:11
  • 711 Interludes: No. 7, Allegro con moto01:19
  • 811 Interludes: No. 8, Lento01:50
  • 911 Interludes: No. 9, Andante sostenuto00:48
  • 1011 Interludes: No. 10, Moderato00:46
  • 1111 Interludes: No. 11, Allegro moderato ma deciso01:13
  • Hommage à Arthur Rubinstein:
  • 12Hommage à Arthur Rubinstein: I. Tempo di mazurka02:01
  • 13Hommage à Arthur Rubinstein: II. Toccata02:24
  • 2 Pièces hébraïques:
  • 142 Pièces hébraïques: No. 1, Invention06:42
  • 152 Pièces hébraïques: No. 2, Berceuse juive02:29
  • 4 Piano Moods:
  • 164 Piano Moods: No. 1, Andante cantabile00:58
  • 174 Piano Moods: No. 2, Vivace01:02
  • 184 Piano Moods: No. 3, Lento01:22
  • 194 Piano Moods: No. 4, Allegro meccanico01:12
  • Prélude et Toccata:
  • 20Prélude et Toccata: I. Prélude. Andante sostenuto01:46
  • 21Prélude et Toccata: II. Toccata. Allegro molto03:22
  • 6 Caprices:
  • 226 Caprices: No. 1, Allegro ben ritmato01:40
  • 236 Caprices: No. 2, Moderato01:48
  • 246 Caprices: No. 3, Lento02:33
  • 256 Caprices: No. 4, Molto vivace00:34
  • 266 Caprices: No. 5, Andante cantabile01:50
  • Visit to Israel:
  • 27Visit to Israel: I. Notturno. The Mysterious City of Safed01:09
  • 28Visit to Israel: II. The Kibbutz01:01
  • 29Visit to Israel: III. The Ruins of Capernaum01:06
  • 30Visit to Israel: IV. The Sources of the River Jordan00:52
  • 31Visit to Israel: V. The Holy City (The Seven-armed Candelabra)01:52
  • 32Visit to Israel: VI. The Desert of Negev01:40
  • 33Visit to Israel: VII. The Mosque of Saint Jean d'Acre00:59
  • 34Visit to Israel: VIII. The Lake of Tiberias01:16
  • 35Visit to Israel: IX. Yemenite Cradle Song02:00
  • 36Visit to Israel: X. Popular Dance (Hora)01:17
  • Alexandre Tansman:
  • 37Étude (Studio per pianoforte)06:47
  • Total Runtime01:05:32

Info for Tansman: Piano Music

The career of Polish composer Alexandre Tansman flourished in Paris after the First World War, though its only in recent years that it has begun to be explored in depth on disc. A refined but spiritually engaged neo-Classicism remained a constant feature of his musicmaking in Europe and in his temporary American exile, whether in the beautifully evocative travelogue Visit to Israel or in the clarity of the Interludes and Caprices.

Giorgio Koukl, piano

Giorgio Koukl
is a pianist/harpsichordist and composer who resides in the beautiful town of Lugano, located in the italian-speaking canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) in 1953, and studied there at the State Music School and Conservatoire. In 1968 he moved to Switzerland and continued his studies at both the Conservatories of Zürich and Milan (Italy). During this time, he took part in the masterclasses of N. Magalov, J. Fèvrier, R. Firkusny and S. Neuhaus.

Giorgio Koukl is the Prizewinner of many International Music Competitions including those of Ciudad Ibaguè (Colombia), Tolosa (Spain), Viotti (Italy), the H.Rahn competition (Switzerland) and the Aliènor Competition (Washington DC, USA). A truly international performer and composer, Mr. Koukl has given many recitals and concerto performances. His compositions have received first performances in many major European cities, in Asia, and in the United States.

Frequently broadcast both as soloist and a composer, Mr. Koukl has collaborated in all his capacities with such organizations as the BBC London, RTSI Lugano, SRG Zürich, SSR Genève, SFB Berlin, SWF Baden-Baden, WDR Köln, RTHK Hong-Kong, CR Prague, Radio Malta, Radio Vatican, ORF Vienna, NRC Oslo and SF Stuttgart.

Giorgio Koukl is a member of Mensa International. He has recorded for Naxos, ALI Prague, Da Camera Mannheim, Nuova Era Torino, Altri Suoni Lugano, Dynamic Genova, Gasparo USA, and Aulia/Mondo musica-Munich.

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