Double Dog Dare White Dog

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Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Artist: White Dog

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FLAC 44.1 $ 11.00
  • 1Holy Smokes03:48
  • 2Double Dog Dare03:11
  • 3F.D.I.C.04:13
  • 4Glenn's Tune04:02
  • 5A Message From Our Sponsor01:08
  • 6Frozen Shadows07:05
  • 7Lady of Mars04:10
  • 8Prelude01:21
  • 9The Last 'Dam' Song06:41
  • Total Runtime35:39

Info for Double Dog Dare

Returning after three years with their second studio album, Double Dog Dare, White Dog have been revelling in a state of creative flux and are poised to share their revelations with the world. Formed in 2015 in Austin, Texas, White Dog began with a shared vision of blazing, fuzzed-out rock that drew gleefully from their home city’s rich cultural melting pot. Emboldened by an us-against-the-world gang mentality and inspired by everything from dusty roots rock to explosive old school prog, the band’s self-titled album emerged in 2021, courtesy of natural home Rise Above Records, and immediately stood out as a sophisticated, earthy and characterful new strain of retro rambunctiousness.

Recorded over a period of eight days at Stuart Sikes Audio (with engineer Andrew McCalla) in Austin, Double Dog Dare takes all of the debut album’s deftly assembled ingredients and allows them to fly free, liberated from expectation. At times mellower than its predecessor, at others strident and ferocious, these new songs showcase White Dog’s organic development, with elements of everything from wistful southern rock to crusty-eyed jazz rock finding a place. Somehow even more fluid and fiery than before, this band are growing and expanding before our ears.

Now free to peddle their incendiary wares, they return to the stage with their strongest material to date, and a newfound enthusiasm for giving The Riff the respect and imagination it deserves.

White Dog

White Dog
a band hailing from Austin, Texas, truly embodies the spirit of classic rock and delivers it with authenticity. Formed in 2015, they emerged from the city’s underground music scene, channeling the essence of grassroots rock ‘n’ roll. Their self-titled debut album, released under Rise Above Records, showcases their unique blend of classic rock, southern rock, proto-metal, psychedelia, and hints of progressive rock. The band’s chemistry and fluidity are evident in their organic sound, seamlessly transitioning from slow grooves to heavy jazz/funk riffs.

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