The Road To Sound Live (Live) The Supersoul Brothers

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Label: Dixiefrog

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Contemporary

Artist: The Supersoul Brothers

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  • 1Ain't That a Lot of Love (Live)03:42
  • 2Common People (Live)02:57
  • 3Don't Lockdown Your Heart (Live)03:52
  • 4Only Love (Live)03:12
  • 5Jerkin' The Dog (Live)06:11
  • 6How Shall We Dance Life ? (Live)02:31
  • 7Comin' Home Baby (Live)03:34
  • 8Clean Up Woman (Live)03:20
  • 9Rose (Live)03:23
  • 10Supersoul (Live)02:59
  • 11Is It Because I'm Black (Live)07:10
  • 12Mr. Big Stuff (Live)03:57
  • 13Girl Bait (Live)08:56
  • 14Shadows & Lights (Live)04:22
  • 15Heroes (Live)04:36
  • Total Runtime01:04:42

Info for The Road To Sound Live (Live)

Fathers of the riff, the shuffle, the Southern swing, the backbeat and the chicken funk game, in the spirit of the "Sons of Memphis," these six established musicians produce deep soul in pure Stax/Atlantic style, held together by a hot and groovy bass, a V8 drumbeat, a possessed trombone, charismatic and powerful lead vocals, and a roaring Hammond Leslie joined by Spring Reverb guitar and its '60s tremolo. Zoot Suit, black and white derbies, dark glasses, this Take 6 knows the song, the story and all the strings of the Soulman with that little extra, irresistible French touch enhanced by their roots in the Bearn, in the Pyrenees.

This energetic combo ignites fireworks on stage and through them Deep Soul remains what it has always been: a music of hope! Of sharing! Music of the soul! The soul revelation of the year 2021/2022!

The SuperSoul Brothers began in 2016 as a quartet (bass, drums, guitar, vocals) and worked tirelessly throughout the year, rehearsal after rehearsal. In 2017 came the first concert. The keyboards were added in 2018. The final balance came in 2019 with the arrival of the trombone. Take 6 was the magic formula. In 2020, their first album "Shadows and Lights" was written and recorded in old-school style. That same summer, they opened for Neg Marrons at the Pau Summer Festival. In 2021 they signed with Dixiefrog Records and released their first global album 'Shadows and Lights'. The newly created stage show 'Soul Revue' is in the starting blocks.

The Supersoul Brothers

he SuperSoul Brothers
The 2021 French Deep Soul phenomenon. Would you like to impress your friends by making them listen to a soul “old school” which is still well today?

Led by a charismatic and strong voice singer, this French band released his first album. Formed only three years ago, The SuperSoul Brothers takes its first steps on stage after many months of rehearsal and preparation.

The SuperSoul Brothers offer us a reading of the Rhythm ‘n’ Blues bluffing with truth and sincerity. The band sweat this music as if they were all born not far from Memphis, offering us an album that could just as easily have been recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio, where the Otis, Wilson and other Sam & Dave forged their legend. . But their South Béarnais is closer to us although it is also anchored in the tradition of a land of “good vibrations”.

This album contains no booklet.

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