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  • 1Seven: Of the Beginnings06:45
  • 2Seven: Sequence 100:35
  • 3Seven: Of Heaven and Earth05:22
  • 4Seven: Sequence 200:38
  • 5Seven: Of Life and Water12:57
  • 6Seven: Sequence 300:31
  • 7Seven: Of Land, Sea, Plants and Animals10:45
  • 8Seven: Sequence 400:41
  • 9Seven: Of Sun, Moon and Stars11:26
  • 10Seven: Sequence 500:40
  • 11Seven: Of Mankind07:58
  • 12Seven: Sequence 600:37
  • 13Seven: Tranquility05:03
  • Total Runtime01:03:58

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Seven musical fragments exploring the origin of life: Solo trombone and German Romantic organ between jazz and traditional genres.

Drawing from creation myths, the SEVEN project explores the spiritual dimension of creation and the question of the unnameable, of the fragmentary nature of the beginnings of life. Its aim is not to provide answers, but to reawaken our love of the question and of the act of questioning itself.

Fittingly, this exploration takes the form of improvisation. Each improvisation is a creative act, bound to time, giving an answer only in the present moment and changing in the next. Improvisation creates possibility, openness, expansiveness, dialogue, development, connection - all preconditions for asking questions without a predetermined answer. And the shifting between the sound worlds of jazz and tradition also reflects the search for the universal, for shared origins and, one could also say, for the essence of music.

With Hansjörg Fink and Elmar Lehnen, two remarkable talents devote themselves to this search, each a virtuoso on his respective instrument and together a versatile and experienced duo willing to try new things and sound out the limits of what is instrumentally possible. Solo trombone and the world's largest German Romantic organ thus join together to create a unique sound world.

Hansjörg Fink, trombone
Elmar Lehnen, organ

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