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  • 1Yes or No06:40
  • 2Fall05:54
  • 3Juju05:36
  • 4Esp05:31
  • 5Iris05:21
  • 6Speak No Evil05:42
  • 7Infant Eyes07:20
  • 8Black Nile06:17
  • 9Nefertiti05:03
  • 10Footprints07:09
  • Total Runtime01:00:33

Info for The Uneven Shorter

The new album by Luca Mannutza, "The Uneven Shorter", a tribute to one of the most beloved artists of jazz, Wayne Shorter, will be released on November 19.

It will be released by Birdbox Records, the new record label that has already distinguished itself for its particular dynamism in the long and difficult months of the pandemic, succeeding with the Jazz Just Like This festival to bring 22 names of international jazz music on digital platform.

The uneven Shorter will be premiered by the artist in Rome at the Casa del Jazz together with all the members of the quartet, Paolo Recchia on alto sax, Lorenzo Tucci on drums and Daniele Sorrentino on double bass.

Although Mannutza has long accustomed his audience to total metrical freedom in the name of his passion for rhythm, upsetting the metrics of one of the greatest composers of the second millennium would be an arduous task for any musician. Keeping the melodic and harmonic aspect unaltered, Mannutza has arranged Wayne Shorter's metrics from 4/4 and 3/4 in unusual ways using the so-called "odd times": 5/4 or 7/4 and sometimes 9/4 and 11/4.

Mannutza's audience is also familiar with the improvisation that leads the artist to often superimpose a second metric to the main one chosen for the arrangement.

Luca's solo in Yes or No, one song above all, leaves one breathless when, for example, during the section in 5/4 he superimposes the 4/4 in the phrasing, and does the opposite when the rhythmic sections pass in 4/4. Piano and sax chase each other changing to effect the basic meter, using elements of polymetry.

Matteo Sabattini, in the liner notes of the album, defined this work as a "brilliant musical construction, that everyone, musicians and fans, should listen to in order to penetrate deeper into the rhythmic universe, analyzing and maybe learning metric modulations, odd meters and changes of feeling. The uneven Shorter is a rare album, because it is certainly not easy to find records that have so many different examples of these rhythmic speculations."

Luca Mannutza, piano

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