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  • Luna Pearl Woolf: Angel Heart, Pt. 1:
  • 1Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 1a, There! Do You Hear It?01:14
  • Gordon Getty (b. 1933), Traditional, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 2Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 1b, All Through the Night (Arr. G. Getty & L.P. Woolf for Voices, Choir & Ensemble)05:04
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 3Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 2a, But Look! Who Is That One?01:10
  • David Sanford (b. 1963):
  • 4Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 2b, Mother Nature's Son (Arr. D. Sanford for Voices & Ensemble)02:29
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 5Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 3a, Ah, How Rahmiel Loves the World of Men and Beasts!01:53
  • Traditional, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 6Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 3b, O Waly Waly (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Voices & Ensemble)03:20
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 7Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 4a, So Much Sadness!02:32
  • Traditional, Lewis Spratlan (b. 1940):
  • 8Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 4b, Je porte ma lanterne jolie (Arr. L. Spratlan for Voices & Ensemble)02:24
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 9Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 5a, Rahmiel Fills the Night with Laughter01:43
  • Traditional, Jake Heggie (b. 1961), Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 10Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 5b, Danny Boy (Arr. J. Heggie & L.P. Woolf for Voice & Ensemble)04:33
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 11Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 6a, Oh, This Is Too Much Pain01:39
  • Gordon Getty, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 12Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 6b, The Adventurer (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Voice & Ensemble)02:44
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 13Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 7a, Luna Doesn't Look Very Strong02:17
  • Engelbert Humperdinck (b. 1936), Lewis Spratlan:
  • 14Angel Heart, Pt. 1: Chapter 7b, 14 Angels (Arr. L. Spratlan for Voices & Ensemble)03:08
  • Luna Pearl Woolf: Angel Heart, Pt. 2:
  • 15Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 8a, The Witch That Can Heal Broken Hearts02:24
  • Traditional, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 16Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 8b, O Absalom (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Voices & Cello)03:40
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 17Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 9, The Raven Man Says03:18
  • Alexander Olshanetsky (1892 - 1946), Lewis Spratlan:
  • 18Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 10a, Unter Beymer (Arr. L. Spratlan for Voice & Ensemble)02:59
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 19Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 10b, The East Is Dressed in Leaves01:16
  • Irving Berlin (1888 - 1989), Lewis Spratlan:
  • 20Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 11a, Russian Lullaby (Arr. L. Spratlan for Voice & Ensemble)03:25
  • Luna Pearl Woolf
  • 21Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 11b, Oh the North01:07
  • Traditional, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 22Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 12a, Sleep, Sleep Little One (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Voice & Ensemble)02:49
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 23Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 12b, The West Is Even Bigger Than the Raven Man01:50
  • Traditional, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 24Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 13a, Sleep Baby Sleep (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Voice & Cello)04:07
  • Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 25Angel Heart, Pt. 2: Chapter 13b, When the South Sings Her Lullaby01:28
  • Gordon Getty, Luna Pearl Woolf:
  • 26Tiefer und Tiefer (Arr. L.P. Woolf for Cello Ensemble)02:30
  • Total Runtime01:07:03

Info for Angel Heart: A Music Storybook

Created by soprano Lisa Delan and composer Luna Pearl Woolf, the recording of Angel Heart is a music storybook narrated by Jeremy Irons with an original story by Cornelia Funke and music by Luna Pearl Woolf, and performed by Matt Haimovitz & Uccello with world-class artists Frederica von Stade, Daniel Taylor, Delan and more. Woolf’s original score is interwoven with familiar songs and lullabies by Gordon Getty, Jake Heggie, Engelbert Humperdinck, Irving Berlin, Lennon-McCartney, David Sanford, Lewis Spratlan and Luna Pearl Woolf. The exquisite images that also tell the story are by Mirada, the Los Angeles-based creative studio and “purveyors of handmade storytelling.”

Drawing on the tradition of great music-and-story works like Peter and the Wolf, Angel Heart is a music storybook in deluxe CD packaging, featuring best-selling young-adult author Cornelia Funke (Inkheart), and composer Luna Pearl Woolf (Après moi, le déluge) with an A-list cast of performers such as Jeremy Irons, Matt Haimovitz& Uccello, Frederica von Stade and more, with artwork by the award-winning Mirada.

The story: A girl whose heart has broken into a thousand pieces meets an angel. During their travels in the night, the angel enlists the help of spirits of the East, North, West, and South on his quest to mend her heart.

In addition to Angel Heart, (story by Cornelia Funke, music by Luna Pearl Woolf, narrated by Jeremy Irons); the work combines well known songs from The Beatles, classical music and folk music. The visual storytelling design is by Mirada, a multi-platform company that was founded by Mathew Cullen and Pan s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro.

Lisa Delan, soprano
Frederica von Stade, mezzo-soprano
Zheng Cao, mezzo-soprano
Daniel Taylor, countertenor
Sanford Sylvan, baritone
Children’s Choir of St. Martin de Porres School in West Oakland
Caterina Lichtenberg, mandolin
Mike Marshall, mandolin
Matt Haimovitz & Uccello:
Leana Rutt, Jane Chan, Amaryllis Jarczyk, Bryan Holt, Joseph Novakovich, Andrea Stewart, Dominic Painchaud
Michael Morgan, conductor

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