Scoop (Remastered) Pete Townshend

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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Artist: Pete Townshend

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  • 1So Sad About Us / Brr04:44
  • 2Squeeze Box02:27
  • 3Zelda02:25
  • 4Politician03:37
  • 5Dirty Water02:08
  • 6Circles (Instant Party)02:11
  • 7Piano: Tipperary01:01
  • 8Unused Piano: Quadrophenia02:34
  • 9Melancholia03:17
  • 10Bargain04:14
  • 11Things Have Changed02:25
  • 12Popular02:29
  • 13Behind Blue Eyes03:28
  • 14Magic Bus04:22
  • 15Cache Cache03:44
  • 16Cookin'03:21
  • 17You're So Clever04:19
  • 18Body Language01:30
  • 19Initial Machine Experiments01:55
  • 20Mary03:20
  • 21Recorders01:19
  • 22Goin' Fishin'02:55
  • 23To Barney Kessell02:01
  • 24You Came Back04:07
  • 25Love Reign O'er Me04:59
  • Total Runtime01:14:52

Info for Scoop (Remastered)

The critically acclaimed SCOOP series of albums gives the listener a privileged peek behind the scenes of one of popular music’s greatest songwriters. The albums showcase Pete Townshend’s career spanning demos for both The Who and his solo recordings.

The first release, SCOOP, was released in 1983 and includes Townshend’s versions of Who classics such as ‘So Sad About Us’, ‘Squeeze Box’, ‘Circles’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and ‘Love Reign O’er Me’.

As most longtime Who fans know, guitarist Pete Townshend penned the vast majority of the legendary band's compositions Scoop album for sale. Most songs were first made into demos by Townshend (as he oft-times playing all the instruments himself), and then learned by the rest of the band members. Townshend's 1983 release, SCOOP, is a double album of demos from all eras of Townshend's career.

There's a reason why some songs never made it past the demo stage ("Zelda," "Piano: Tipperary"), but other previously unreleased tracks such as "Mary" (from the Who's aborted Lifehouse project) are exceptional. Included are rare takes of such future Who standards as "Bargain," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Magic Bus," and "Love Reign O'er Me," as well as the early Who songs "So Sad About Us" and "Circles." „Scoop“ (and its follow-up, „Another Scoop“) serves as a fascinating glimpse of Townshend at work.

„Pete Townshend's demos had grown legendary among Who collectors well before the official release of the double-album Scoop in 1983. On each demo, Townshend worked out full arrangements, which the Who would often follow exactly. He also recorded a wealth of songs and instrumental pieces that never made it to record. Over the course of two albums, Scoop features 25 of these demos, including both classic Who songs ("So Sad About Us," "Bargain," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Magic Bus," "Love Reign O'er Me") and unreleased gems ("Politician," "Melancholia," "To Barney Kessell," "Mary"). Occasionally, the songs sound better in their demo versions, particularly on latter-day Who songs, which were over-wrought in their official incarnations. But what makes Scoop so fascinating is its revelation of the depth and detail of Townshend's imagination, and how he refined his ideas. But even casual fans will find the sheer musicality of the record worthwhile -- it's one of the most focused and impressive albums he has ever released.“ (Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG)

Produced by Helen Wilkins (as "Spike")

Digitally remastered

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