Las Huellas en el Mar Andrés Linetzky

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Label: Winter & Winter

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Tango

Artist: Andrés Linetzky

Composer: Andrés Linetzkys

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  • 1Madera de Roble03:26
  • 2Las Huellas en el Mar02:43
  • 3Mi Barco Abandonado04:03
  • 4Soy un Ángel04:18
  • 5Roto Antes de Armado02:47
  • 6Aiumanu02:29
  • 7Ilusiones Perdidas03:25
  • 8Fuimos03:22
  • 9Donna Lee04:00
  • 10Recién Me Levanto03:11
  • 11El Gallo Que Canta03:19
  • 12Humilde y Bella Canción02:32
  • 13Todas las Mañanas Con Mis Reinas03:39
  • 14Supermilonga03:47
  • 15El Sol Salió en Madrid03:10
  • 16Cuando Jugaba03:09
  • 17Che Tango03:42
  • 18Soy un Ángel03:13
  • Total Runtime01:00:15

Info for Las Huellas en el Mar

Vale Tango led by the musical director and composer Andrés Linetzky is one of the most important groups of the present tango scene. Since 1997 Andrés Linetzky and producer Stefan Winter work together, record AudioFilms (cinema for closed eyes) about scenes in the city of Buenos Aires ('¡Tango Vivo!'), authentic sounds in B.A.'s most famous tango club 'La Viruta' and dance programs ('Tango alla Baila') for tango aficionados. But also Andrés Linetzky's family history »The Linetzky Family – Diaspora in Buenos Aires« was produced by Winter&Winter as a very moving musical documentary. Vale Tango plays original music and remains at the same time faithful to the historic style. The interpretations of Andrés Linetzky's music are characterized by an incredibly fresh and individual approach. The musicians on the one side shine with their sensitive interplay and on the other side with outstanding soloistic passages. All compositions are penned by Andrés Linetzky and are tailor-made for the group. Vale Tango strives after creating a new tango alchemy without changing the grand air of tango. Big, sometimes nostalgic feelings and the passionate tango pervade this music and therefore bestow on »Las huellas en el mar« a very special sparkle. Patrick Duval, director of the performance space Le Rocher de Palmer invites Vale Tango to Bordeaux. This gives producer Stefan Winter the possibility to record under best conditions the sounds of Vale Tango. Andrés Linetzky is born in Avellaneda, Argentina, in 1974. Since his youth he is a tango musician. He comes from a very musical family. Already his grandfather José Linetzky plays tango. Andrés Linetzky was accepted as one of the few pupils of Horacio Salgán and had lessons with Rodolfo Mederos for wonderful and very interesting seven years. The opening track of the new album 'Las huellas en el mar' is called 'Madera de roble' and dedicated to Rodolfo Mederos. The song title is a play on words with his name and the title means oak wood, that is a metaphor for his personality.

Andrés Linetzky graduates from Avellaneda’s City Music Conservatory (classical music) and the Avellaneda’s Popular Music School (jazz and tango). Since many years he successfully works as a composer, arranger and performing artist with and for the most famous tango groups, orchestras and shows. He tours within Europe, the U.S., China, Hong Kong and Japan besides regular appearances in South America. On over fifty recordings Andrés Linetzky shows himself to be both an impulsive and subtle artist. »Las huellas en el mar« is his fifth appearance on Winter&Winter and the first album which is almost exclusively focused on his own compositions.

Andrés Linetzky leads as the musical director several tango shows and orchestras such as Tango X2, Orquesta de Tango de Buenos Aires, Ariel Ardit Orchestra, Tangovia Orchestra, Orquesta Escuela de Tango, Orquesta Inspiración, Orquesta de Música Ciudadana de Córdoba, Orquesta Le Grand Tango and Orquesta del Río de La Plata (formed with musicians from Argentina and Uruguay).

He has collaborated with tango legends like Raúl Gárrelo, Carlos García, Julián Plaza, Osvaldo Piro, José Libertella, José Colangelo, Pascual Mamone, Atilio Stampone, Leopoldo Federico and many others.

In 2007 he has produced his own show 'Tango Baile' as general director while contributing compositions and arrangements also to several other shows like 'Danza Maligna', 'Tangosónico: la rosa', 'Tango Fútbol', 'Tangos de la cruz del sur', 'Su historia', 'Evita Vive' and 'Tita'.

Extensive worldwide touring with various groups brought him already to more than 50 countries and 200 cities. In 2005 he was awarded for the best arrangement with the Osvaldo Pugliese Prize among a wide field of competitors.

Andrés Linetzky, piano, musical director
Nicolás Capsitski, first bandoneon
Amijai Shalev, second bandoneon
Alejandro Schaikis, first violin
Javiera Gonzalez, second violin
Patricio Cotella, bass
Marcelo Costa, vocals

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