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  • Anton Bruckner (1824-1896): Mass No.1 In D Minor, WAB 26:
  • 11. Kyrie07:43
  • 22. Gloria06:27
  • 33. Credo13:26
  • 44. Sanctus01:57
  • 55. Benedictus07:35
  • 66. Agnus Dei09:31
  • Mass No.2 In E Minor, WAB 27:
  • 71. Kyrie09:01
  • 82. Gloria06:26
  • 93. Credo11:02
  • 104. Sanctus03:58
  • 115. Benedictus07:03
  • 126. Agnus Dei06:14
  • Mass No.3 In F Minor, WAB 28:
  • 131. Kyrie09:17
  • 142. Gloria11:45
  • 153. Credo08:50
  • 164. Credo (Cont.)10:22
  • 175. Sanctus02:13
  • 186. Benedictus07:20
  • 197. Agnus Dei08:10
  • Total Runtime02:28:20

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“Like Bruckner, Eugen Jochum came from a devout Catholic family and began his musical life as a church organist. He would have known the Mass texts more or less inside out, which explains why his readings focus not on the sung parts – which, for the most part, present the text in a relatively four-square fashion – but on the orchestral writing which, given the gloriously full-bodied playing of the Bavarian orchestra, so lusciously illuminates familiar words. He approaches the Masses with many of the same ideas he so eloquently propounds in his recordings of the symphonies and the music unfolds with a measured, almost relaxed pace which creates a sense of vast spaciousness. This can have its drawbacks: you can be so entranced by the beautifully moulded orchestral introduction to the Benedictus from the D minor Mass that the entry of a rather full-throated Marga Schiml comes as a rude interruption. DG's transfers are extraordinarily good – they really seem to have produced a sound which combines the warmth of the original LP with the clarity of detail we expect.” (Gramophone Classical Music Guide)

Edith Mathis, soprano
Marga Schiml, alto/contralto
Wieslaw Ochman, tenor
Karl Ridderbusch, bass
Elmar Schloter, organ
Bavarian Radio Chorus & Symphony Orchestra
Maria Stader, soprano
Claudia Hellmann, alto/contralto
Ernst Hälfliger, tenor
Kim Borg, bass
Anton Nowakowski, organ
Bavarian Radio Chorus & Symphony Orchestra
Kurt Prestel, chorus master
Eugen Jochum, conductor

Digitally remastered

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