Echoes of the Grand Canal Ensemble Diderot & Johannes Pramsohler

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Label: Audax Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Ensemble Diderot & Johannes Pramsohler

Composer: Sigismund Martin Gajarek, Giovanni Benedetto Platti (1697-1763), Johann Adolph Hasse (1699-1783), Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

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  • Giovanni Benedetto Platti (1697 - 1763): Harpsichord Concerto in F Major:
  • 1Harpsichord Concerto in F Major: I. Allegro04:25
  • 2Harpsichord Concerto in F Major: II. Adagio03:34
  • 3Harpsichord Concerto in F Major: III. Presto05:01
  • Sigismund Martin Gajarek (1689 - 1723): Armida Disperata:
  • 4Armida Disperata: I. Recitativo "E pur vivo"02:01
  • 5Armida Disperata: II. Aria "Ola Tesifone"04:08
  • 6Armida Disperata: III. Recitativo "E voi delizie amene"01:46
  • 7Armida Disperata: IV. Aria "Parto ma per partire"01:54
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741): Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 60:
  • 8Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 60: I. Allegro-Adagio01:31
  • 9Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 60: II. Allegro02:02
  • 10Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 60: III . Adagio02:28
  • 11Trio Sonata in C Major, RV 60: IV. Allegro02:30
  • In Furore Iustissimae Irae, RV 626:
  • 12In Furore Iustissimae Irae, RV 626: I. Aria "In furore"04:39
  • 13In Furore Iustissimae Irae, RV 626: II. Recitativo "Miserationum Pater piisime"00:44
  • 14In Furore Iustissimae Irae, RV 626: II. Aria "Tunc meus fletus"05:45
  • 15In Furore Iustissimae Irae, RV 626: IV. Alleluia01:35
  • Giovanni Benedetto Platti: Trio Sonata in G Minor:
  • 16Trio Sonata in G Minor: I.02:13
  • 17Trio Sonata in G Minor: II.02:07
  • 18Trio Sonata in G Minor: III. Largho02:29
  • 19Trio Sonata in G Minor: IV. Presto01:53
  • Johann Adolf Hasse (1699 - 1783): Alta Nubes Illustrata:
  • 20Alta Nubes Illustrata: I. Aria "Alta nubes illustrata"09:12
  • 21Alta Nubes Illustrata: II. Recitativo "Diffulgite, o funeste"02:54
  • 22Alta Nubes Illustrata: II. Aria "Coelesti incendio amoris"10:11
  • 23Alta Nubes Illustrata: IV. Alleluja02:59
  • Total Runtime01:18:01

Info for Echoes of the Grand Canal

“Illuminated by the golden glow of the sun, the cloud on high radiates in splendor, reddens.” The text of Hasse’s motet reads like a description of a cloud as painted by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, the greatest decorative painter of eighteenth-century Europe. Ensemble Diderot and mezzo-soprano Diana Haller offer a fascinating soundscape to accompany the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart's exhibition marking the 250th anniversary of the death of the Venetian master. Two world premiere recordings give yet again proof of the adventurous spirit that reigns over Johannes Pramsohler and his crack team of musicians.

Ensemble Diderot
Johannes Pramsohler, violin, direction
Diana Haller, mezzo-soprano
Philippe Grisvard, harpsichord

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