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Label: Toccata Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Orchestral

Artist: Ukrainian Festival Orchestra & Paul Mann

Composer: Michael Csanyi-Wills, Raymond Head, Ian Hobson, Dana Paul Perna, David Braid, Martin Georgiev, Robert Matthew-Walker, Rodney Newton (1945), David Hackbridge Johnson (1963), Adam Gorb, Lloyd Moore

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FLAC 96 $ 12.40
  • Lloyd Moore (b. 1966):
  • 12 Elegies "Leavings": No. 1, Departure07:07
  • 22 Elegies "Leavings": No. 2, Remembrance06:51
  • Adam Gorb (b. 1958):
  • 3Desta04:56
  • David Hackbridge Johnson (b. 1963):
  • 4When Words Fail...10:53
  • Rodney Newton (b. 1945):
  • 5Beyond Compère05:32
  • Robert Matthew-Walker (b. 1939):
  • 6The Rivers of Time, Op. 15107:16
  • Martin Georgiev (b. 1983):
  • 7Lifepath03:39
  • David Braid (b. 1970):
  • 8Out of the Darkness03:49
  • Dana Paul Perna (b. 1958):
  • 9Memory Brings You03:55
  • Ian Hobson (b. 1952):
  • 10Coventry Casserole02:50
  • Raymond Head (b. 1948):
  • 11Ave atque vale03:43
  • Michael Csanyi-Wills (b. 1975):
  • 12Nocturne for Yodit10:05
  • Total Runtime01:10:36

Info for Music for My Love, Vol. 3

When Yodit Tekle was diagnosed with stomach cancer in late 2014, her partner, Martin Anderson, who runs Toccata Classics, asked a few composer friends to write some music for strings to bring her comfort in her illness. As her life slipped away, he had the idea that she might be remembered in music and so he began to commission other pieces for string orchestra in her memory. To his surprise, almost everyone he asked generously agreed, and so the project snowballed: there are now over 100 composers who have written or agreed to write for it – in an undertaking that is probably unique in the history of music. This third volume presents eleven more pieces in an initiative which, in effect, transforms love into something you can hear.

Ukrainian Festival Orchestra
Paul Mann, conductor

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