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Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

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  • 1Part Eleven03:27
  • 2Part Three03:48
  • 3Part Fourteen04:50
  • 4Part Seven03:24
  • 5Part Four04:04
  • 6Part Twelve04:34
  • 7Part Two03:19
  • 8Part Ten03:46
  • 9Part Five03:57
  • 10Part Fifteen04:21
  • 11Part One03:03
  • 12Part Nine02:21
  • 13Part Thirteen04:37
  • 14Part Six03:53
  • 15Part Eight03:56
  • Total Runtime57:20

Info for Parts of Life

Paul Kalkbrenner’s eighth album, Parts Of Life (released May 18), comes a decade after his Double Platinum selling LP Berlin Calling, and feels similarly definitive for an artist who has spent the last 10 years topping charts and performing his singular strain of grand techno to ever growing audiences. Parts of Life, follows Paul’s Back To The Future trilogy, chronicling the arrival of techno in Berlin in the late 80s. It’s clear those raw, stripped down early recordings left their mark. Parts of Life feels lean and elemental but big and joyful, it’s a timeless record marked by invigoration. This is Paul’s most personal and revealing work, delivered in its purest form. Each track is simply titled with the working file number used in production. The album’s still life cover, painted over a two year period by Paul’s uncle Paul Eisel, offers another glimpse of Paul, depicting a series of unique personal objects.

If you've followed Matthew Dear over the years, then you know he doesn't like to stay in one place for very long. Even as a primarily electronic artist in the early 2000s, Dear hopped from label to label, switched aliases often, and made everything from steely microhouse to harder Detroit techno. But his biggest departure was 2007's Asa Breed, the record where he stepped out from behind the decks and reached for the mic. Singing on tracks and leaning more heavily on song structure, he built strange hybrid music that had one foot in techno and the other in pop.

Dear's latest album, Black City, follows this path but pulls a pretty drastic shift in tone. Where Asa Breed was bubbly and squeaky and ultimately dancefloor-bound, this record is dark as night. The music brings to mind blown-out warehouses, desolate alleys, and seedy basement nightclubs; it's some real threatening, grimy shit. The production is as inventive and immersive as ever, but what separates this album from the last is that Dear mostly sticks with one theme all the way through. Asa Breed was all over the place at times, but this album has a cohesive thread to follow and smaller vignettes within it. Evan Michael has played a prominent role in NYC nightlife for over half a decade. Having cut his teeth in programming and promotions at clubs like Cameo Gallery and Good Room, he’s now leading marketing at the newly established Elsewhere venue in Brooklyn, and is a regular DJ at Le Bain in Manhattan. Over the years he’s polished a sound rooted in textural rhythms overlaid with melodic leads and wistful chords, always taking into account the mood and atmosphere of his many nights spent on the dance floor. Ika is a DJ From Tbilisi, Georgia who is based in New York City.

Day Cart is a DJ, writer, critic, and connoisseur. Co-Founder / Resident at Goonroom. Exploring the deeper shades of techno & house.

Growing up in the Tri-State area, Day Cart, aka Harrison Williams, was exposed to the tenacious and bustling nightlife scene that has evolved in NYC. Dance music became a firm passion of his after attending various house and techno warehouse parties that seemed to pop up like weeds, and he quickly plugged himself into the community. After exploring the wide range of genres and styles that are ever present within the culture, Harrison was hooked to the gritty underground where music is a shared obsession by many who find themselves wrapped up in the dimly lit rooms.

With a degree in Philosophy and Psychology he has used his skills to analyze and interpret the disparate emotions felt while in the dance. He spent time as the Managing Editor of Magnetic Magazine and is currently the East Coast Editor at the renowned Mixmag Magazine located in the Brooklyn office. Also an experienced DJ, he has held a monthly residency at one of the Lower East Side’s most attended DIY venues, Leftfield NYC, and continues to put on events dubbed Goonroom with co-founder Wig-Wam.

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