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  • 1Jazz Makers: Darktown strutter’s ball 04:21
  • 2Gaby Cole, Marco Pezzenati: The lady is a tramp 02:07
  • 3Italian Big Band: Carlo Alberto Rossi medley 08:11
  • 4Enzo Pietropaoli, Battista Lena, Fulvio Sigurtà: Turn out the stars 06:11
  • 5Scott Hamilton, Andrea Pozza: Isn’t it romantic 07:15
  • 6Scott Hamilton, Andrea Pozza: Don’t worry ‘bout me 07:28
  • 7Enzo Pietropaoli: Just like a woman 02:32
  • 8Eleonora Bianchini, Enzo Pietropaoli: High and dry 03:49
  • 9Riccardo Zegna, Giampaolo Casati: Paris blues 04:59
  • 10Scott Hamilton, Paolo Birro, Alfred Kramer: Ladies lullaby 05:48
  • 11Peo Alfonsi: Oyasin05:13
  • 12Paolo Birro, Aldo Zunino, Alfred Kramer: On a misty night 06:41
  • 13Eleonora Bianchini, Enzo Pietropaoli. Brava03:38
  • 14Scott Hamilton, Paolo Birro, Aldo Zunino, Alfred Kramer: Se todos fossem iguais a voce 04:15
  • 15Fausto Mesolella. Suite 406:15
  • Total Runtime01:18:43

Info for Jazz Recordings Fonè Anniversary

Celebrating Fone Records' 35th Anniversary with a compilation album 15 of Giulio Cesare Ricci's favorite jazz tracks.

One basic feature, which determines the difference between fonè and other record companies, is the recording of performances in their natural spaces, that is in the places where they were originally presented. This leads to a constant search for suitable locations, and the choice of churches, theatres, country mansions, drawing rooms and so on. The recordings are carried out with the utmost simplicity, the only way not to do violence to the music: all the equipment is high fidelity; use is made of valve-type paired microphones manufactured in the years 1947 and 1949 (U47, U48 and M49) with an extremely natural and transparent timbre and a bi-microphonic field effect; these microphones have a very important history: they were used to record the Beatles at the Abbey Road Studio and by the RCA for the "Living Stereo" recordings.

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