Slow Motion Peter Autschbach

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Label: Timezone

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Fingerstyle

Artist: Peter Autschbach

Composer: Peter Autschbach

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.20
  • 1Klangwoge10:45
  • 2Clouds05:16
  • 3Gleitflug19:59
  • 4Seitenwind09:42
  • 5Slow Motion14:54
  • Total Runtime01:00:36

Info for Slow Motion

Peter Autschbach has a broad musical vocabulary as an outstanding solo-guitarist, catching his audience with profound playing technique, great sense of style and authentic sounds. He writes about his new album „Slow Motion“:

In our society the ones who scream loudest usually are those who gain attention. It is the maxim: Who is loud, is heard. But there is such a great force in quiet sounds. I have always been fascinated by this and the acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for that. At my concerts, I experienced that the moments where the audience listens most intense are the soft and quiet moments. This encouraged me to record my new album, called „Slow Motion“, which is very quiet and gentle throughout. But I'm asking myself how this music can be perceived when everybody else around me is screaming?

There was a special moment that made the idea become reality. In October 2016 the Allton owners Caspar and Silke presented their relaxation chair „Klangwoge“ to me. „Klangwoge“ is a combination of two German words that cannot really be translated. It means that the sound is carrying you away like a wave, and the chair also looks a bit like a wave. Caspar and Silke made me lie down on the chair and let me listen to a recording of myself with the baritone guitar. The combination felt so perfect that we decided to make a whole album for the „Klangwoge“. And finally I could put my ideas into a greater album context.

You can enjoy the album „Slow Motion“ with or without a „Klangwoge“.

Peter Autschbach, acoustic guitar

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