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FLAC 192 $ 21.60
  • 1Hamabe no Uta / Umi / Sunayama09:33
  • 2Sousyunnfu / Haru no Ogawa / Sakura Sakura07:34
  • 3Oboro-zukiyo02:25
  • 4Ame01:59
  • 5Itsuki no Komoriuta03:03
  • 6Takeda no Komoriuta01:48
  • 7Antagata Dokosa / Kagome Kagome / Zuizui Zukkorobashi07:51
  • 8Chatsumi02:18
  • 9Amefuri Otsukisan01:52
  • 10Nanatsu no Ko03:49
  • 11Yurikago no Uta02:20
  • 12Momiji02:32
  • 13Ryosyu03:33
  • 14Furusato02:07
  • 15Sakura Sakura (Solo Version)02:28
  • Total Runtime55:12

Info for SOYOGI

What a comforting sound it offers! It was truly a touching moment for me Mr.Uehata's immense affection for music and thorough understanding about the reed organ that enabled the creation of such a sound as sparkles of spring sunlight on the water surface in the warmth from the instrument. I hear the sound of gentle wind through it.

I also realized that the essence of reed organ's beauty was in its pianissimo that could be achieved by delicate air blows from pedaling. in this endlessly loquacious and excessive life today, the grace and reserved atmosphere of early Showa era that we Japanese have almost forgotten comes back vividly. As I hear Mr.Uehata's live performances,I have always been impressed by this discrete approach without frills and his distinguished skills on the reed organ. It reminds us of the origin of this instrument's tones that was once called "Fukin" or wind bell in Meiji era, and furthermore he adds improvised harmony with new and free interpretation to make the traditional lyrics,children songs and lullabies more enjoyable.

The reed organ was an instrument that was always sitting in the old days from Meiji to Showa at schools, kindergartens or churches, but actually not so easy to play. Unfortunately, there are no more manufacturers in Japan, and it can only be seen in some museums. lt is delightful that Mr. Uehata focused on this instrument and overcame practical difficulties to make the recording, I have listened to many reed organ recordings because of my professional function, and I can endorse that this recording retains superb quality technically and the realization of surround perspective is so pleasant.

Masakazu Uehata, reedorgan
Ami Yamazaki, voice

Recorded 18th December 2011 at ONKIO HAUS 1st studio

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