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Label: Centrediscs

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: John Gordon Armstrong

Composer: John Gordon Armstrong

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  • John Gordon Armstrong (b. 1952): False Spring:
  • 1Armstrong: False Spring - 1. The Lake02:19
  • 2Armstrong: False Spring - 2. Red Leaves01:25
  • 3Armstrong: False Spring - 3. So faint the geese this fall01:09
  • 4Armstrong: False Spring - 4. Pavane01:54
  • 5Armstrong: False Spring - 5. Old Photographs00:23
  • 6Armstrong: False Spring - 6. False Spring01:21
  • 7Armstrong: False Spring - 7. Return02:32
  • Vistas:
  • 8Armstrong: Vistas - 1. Horizon05:19
  • 9Armstrong: Vistas - 2. Dance of the Shadows03:13
  • 10Armstrong: Vistas - 3.Sunset03:27
  • Ghosts:
  • 11Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 1. Shadows01:01
  • 12Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 2. Strange Sounds00:33
  • 13Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 3. Evening Shade00:54
  • 14Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 4. Sudden Storm00:24
  • 15Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 5. Ghost Dance01:03
  • 16Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 6. Rippling Water01:25
  • 17Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 7. Darkness Swirling01:02
  • 18Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 8. Morning Mist00:45
  • 19Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 9. Desert Winds00:32
  • 20Armstrong: Ghosts 3 - 10. Icicles01:03
  • Child's Play:
  • 21Armstrong: Child's Play - 1. First Steps01:47
  • 22Armstrong: Child's Play - 2. Curious02:20
  • 23Armstrong: Child's Play - 3. Waking02:50
  • 24Armstrong: Child's Play - 4. Mischievous00:59
  • 25Armstrong: Child's Play - 5. Sleeping03:38
  • An die Musik:
  • 26Armstrong: An die Musik II - 1. Antimusic03:38
  • 27Armstrong: An die Musik II - 2. Viola03:03
  • 28Armstrong: An die Musik II - 3. And die Muzik01:46
  • 29Armstrong: An die Musik II - 4. Syrinx02:43
  • 30Armstrong: An die Musik II - 5. If Muzik04:39
  • Songs for Lyra:
  • 31Armstrong: Songs for Lyra - 1. Night Song04:58
  • 32Armstrong: Songs for Lyra - 2. Songs of Darkness01:40
  • 33Armstrong: Songs for Lyra - 3. Love Song04:04
  • Total Runtime01:09:49

Info for Vistas

"Vistas" for flute and guitar was commissioned by Entr’acte with funds from the Ontario Arts Council. It is one of my most performed works. Premiered November 24, 1983 at the Royal Conservatory Recital Hall in Toronto, it was immediately taken on tour by Entr’acte under the auspices of Jeunesses Musicales du Canada. It has subsequently been played by a number of different performers in Canada and the United States. It is extremely accessible to all audiences and not terribly difficult. It would be appropriate for advanced students of both flute and guitar.

The performance here is by Robert Cram, flute, and John Armstrong, guitar, at the University of Ottawa in 1999.

John Armstrong, classical guitar

John Armstrong
studied composition at the University of Toronto and the University of Michigan where he received his Doctorate in 1983. His teachers included George Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winners Leslie Bassett and William Bolcom, as well as the celebrated pedagogue Nadia Boulanger.

John won prizes in both the William St. Clair Lowe and Sir Ernest MacMillan competitions sponsored by the Composer’s, Author’s and Publisher’s Association of Canada (now SOCAN). He has been commissioned and performed by musicians such as William Beauvais, Ray Sealey, Louis Trépanier, Catherine Donkin, Alan Torok, Norbert Kraft, Robert Riseling, Dorothea Brinkmann, Douglas Perry, Jane Perry, Jill Dreeben, Elizabeth Volpé, Charles Hamann, Doreen Taylor-Claxton, Sandra Mangsen, Craig Sylvern, Janine Gaboury, SaxArt, The Canadian Guitar Quartet, The Continuum Consort, The Victoria Guitar Trio, The Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects, The Guitar Society of Toronto, The Cantata Singers of Ottawa and Coro Vivo Ottawa. He has received multiple grants and commissions from the Laidlaw Foundation, the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, Alberta Culture, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the City of Ottawa. Performed and broadcast throughout Canada, his music has also been played in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Korea, Norway, Vietnam and the United States. His music is published by Palliser Music Publishing (Calgary), Cypress (Vancouver) and the Canadian Music Centre (Toronto).

Although primarily a composer of concert music, he has also written for film, dance and theatre; he is well known in Ottawa for his 12 collaborations with Odyssey Theatre. Having taught at a number of universities in Canada and the United States, John Armstrong is currently an Adjunct Professor of Composition and Theory at the University of Ottawa.

This album contains no booklet.

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