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  • 1Sting Me04:39
  • 2Remedy05:22
  • 3Thorn In My Pride06:03
  • 4Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye06:29
  • 5Sometimes Salvation04:47
  • 6Hotel Illness03:59
  • 7Black Moon Creeping04:59
  • 8No Speak No Slave04:01
  • 9My Morning Song06:14
  • 10Time Will Tell04:06
  • 1199 Pounds (2023 Mix)03:22
  • 12Miserable06:19
  • 13Rainy Day Women No 12 & 35 (In-Studio Live 1/4/92)03:45
  • 14Boomer's Story04:13
  • 15Darling of The Underground Press05:37
  • 16Sting Me (Slow) (In-Studio Live 1/4/92)06:35
  • 17Bad Luck Blue Eyes, Goodbye (In-Studio Live 1/4/92)06:33
  • 18Sometimes Salvation (In-Studio Live 1/4/92)04:37
  • 19Black Moon Creeping (In-Studio Live 1/4/92)04:48
  • 20No Speak No Slave (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)05:13
  • 21Sting Me (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)05:02
  • 22My Morning Song (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)08:47
  • 23Jam (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)07:39
  • 24Thorn In My Pride (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)11:18
  • 25Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)07:05
  • 26Black Moon Creeping (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)06:30
  • 27Hotel Illness (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)04:31
  • 28Sometimes Salvation (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)04:53
  • 29Remedy (Live In Houston, TX. 2/6/1993)12:16
  • Total Runtime02:49:42

Info for The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion (Super Deluxe)

World-renowned rock band The Black Crowes announce the box set of their chart-topping sophomore album, The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion, via American Recordings/UMe. The album, which entered the US Billboard album chart at No. 1 upon release in 1992, was named after a post-Civil War southern hymnal and is home to some of the band's biggest hits, including "Remedy," “Sting Me,” and "Thorn in My Pride” which were #1 on the Billboard Main Stream Rock Airplay chart for a combined total of 21 weeks. Rich and Chris Robinson, alongside producer George Drakoulias, revisited the archives for the instant classic album and created a special super deluxe edition featuring unreleased studio recordings, rare B-sides, a live performance from Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, TX, on February 6, 1993, and a newly remastered album from the original 1/4″ production master. Highlights for the forthcoming boxset include 14 unreleased recordings, including a new mix of the Memphis soul classic song "99 Pounds" originally by Ann Peebles and written by Don Bryant, and a previously unreleased studio recording of "Miserable."

The Black Crowes Chris Robinson said, “We’ve always thought that the music on Southern Harmony and Musical Companion was made of a certain magic that was in the air for us in 1992. This special box set represents all the ingredients of the spell we were under.”

“I always felt that Southern Harmony was us coming into our own as a band and creating our sound,” The Black Crowes Rich Robinson elaborated. “We made the record in 8 days. Every song was one or two takes. No more than that. It was a snapshot of a band possessing all of its powers, and it still resonates with me to this day.”

At the end of the Southern Harmony and Musical Companion recording sessions in early 1992, the band performed live on the famed Southern Tracks Studio floor in Atlanta, GA, on January 4, 1992. The session was captured by a film crew and, true to The Black Crowes form, turned into a party. These never-before-released until now, live, studio recordings, feature five songs, including their cover of Ry Cooder's "Boomer's Story." Also included in the super deluxe edition, Southern Harmony Live, featuring all the tracks off the album, performed live in Houston, TX, on February 6, 1993. This legendary and much-bootlegged show has now been mixed from the 24-track tapes and is available alongside the original album, which has been remastered from the 1/4″ production master.

Upon their arrival on the national music scene in 1990 with "Shake Your Money Maker", THE BLACK CROWES' THE ROLLING STONES-ish/FACES early 1970s throwback sound was far from the pop metal/pre-grunge musical fashion of the day. However, no one could deny the songwriting and authentic rootsy musical craftsmanship of the brothers Chris and Rich Robinson. Their second album, "The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion" (so named after a Civil War-era hymnal) released in May 1992 contained the songs "Remedy", "Thorn In My Pride", "Sting Me", "Hotel Illness" and "My Morning Song" which found the album topping the chart in its first week of release. The LP has sold more than two million copies in the United States so far.

THE BLACK CROWES will support AEROSMITH on the "Peace Out" farewell tour, which will kick off on September 2 in Philadelphia.

Joining Chris and Rich Robinson in the new BLACK CROWES lineup are returning bassist Sven Pipien, who played with the band live from 1997 up until the band's hiatus in 2015, along with Brian Griffin on drums, Joel Robinow on keyboards and Isaiah Mitchell on guitar.

"The addition of the more technically gifted guitarist Marc Ford and a full-time organist gives the Black Crowes room to stretch out on The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, perhaps the band's finest moment. Using Rich Robinson's descending chord progressions as a base, the band grooves its way through a remarkably fresh-sounding collection of Faces-like rockers and ballads, tearing into the material with flair and confidence and really coming into its own as a top-notch rock & roll outfit. But while the focus is undeniably on the band's musical chemistry, Southern Harmony also boasts a strong collection of songs, striking a perfect balance between the concise Shake Your Money Maker and their later, more jam-oriented records. While there aren't as many obvious singles as on their debut album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion is the best expression of the Crowes' ability to take a classic, tried-and-true sound and make it their own." (Steve Huey, AMG)

Chris Robinson, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Rich Robinson, guitar, left speaker
Johnny Colt, bass
Steve Gorman, drums
Marc Ford, guitar, right speaker
Ed Hawrysch, piano, B-3, Wurlitzer

Digitally remastered

The Black Crowes
At the time of their 1990 debut, the kind of rock & roll the Black Crowes specialized in was sorely out of style. Only Guns N' Roses came close to approximating a vintage Stones-style raunch, but they were too angry and jagged to pull it off completely. The Black Crowes, on the other hand, replicated that Stonesy swagger and Faces boogie perfectly. Vocalist Chris Robinson appropriated the sound and style of vintage Rod Stewart, while brother Rich Robinson fused Keith Richards' lean guitar attack with Ron Wood's messy rhythmic sense. At their best, the Black Crowes echoed classic rock without slavishly imitating their influences, and the band's nostalgic sound helped foster a long, popular career.

Shake Your Money MakerThe Robinson brothers originally formed the Black Crowes in Georgia in 1984. By the time the group released its first album with 1990's Shake Your Money Maker, the lineup comprised vocalist Chris Robinson, guitarist Rich Robinson, bassist Johnny Colt, guitarist Jeff Cease, and drummer Steve Gorman. "Jealous Again," the first single from Shake Your Money Maker, was a moderate hit, but it was the band's cover of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle" that made the Black Crowes a multi-platinum success. "Hard to Handle" climbed its way into the Top 40, propelling the album into the Top Ten along the way. The acoustic ballad "She Talks to Angels" became the band's second Top 40 hit in the spring of 1991, and Shake Your Money Maker eventually sold over three million copies.

The Southern Harmony and Musical CompanionThe Black Crowes delivered their second album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, in the spring of 1992. It entered the charts at number one but lacked strong hits, as none of the singles cracked the Top 40 and only "Remedy" and "Thorn in My Pride" made the Top 100. Nevertheless, the band established itself as a popular concert attraction that summer, selling out theaters across America. During 1992, the band added keyboardist Eddie Harsch as a permanent member. The Black Crowes' third album, Amorica, arrived in late 1994 and debuted in the Top Ten. Even so, none of the singles from the album made a significant dent, and the album slipped from the charts after going gold.

Three Snakes and One CharmThree Snakes and One Charm, the group's fourth album, was released in July 1996. The album quickly slipped out of the Top 50 after making a strong entrance, yet it also received the best reviews of any Crowes album since The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Guitarist Marc Ford was fired from the Black Crowes in August 1997, and bassist Johnny Colt left the lineup in order to form the Brand New Immortals. With Rich Robinson handling all guitar parts, the band recorded and released By Your Side before collaborating with one of the world's most celebrated guitarists, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. This partnership was captured by the concert album Live at the Greek, an eclectic mix of newly recorded Zeppelin covers and additional classic blues cuts. Greatest Hits 1990-1999: A Tribute to a Work in Progress, a 16-track best-of compilation, was released several months later in 2000.

LionsDon Was was enlisted to produce the band's new album, 2001's Lions, whose lyrics were influenced by Chris Robinson's highly publicized relationship with actress Kate Hudson. A monthlong summer tour with Oasis -- dubbed "the Tour of Brotherly Love" due to the prevalence of siblings in both bands -- followed in June. All was apparently not well with the group, however, and the band announced its decision to go on hiatus in January 2002. Drummer Steve Gorman was fired, and Chris Robinson began planning a solo career. It was Rich Robinson who was first out of the gate with a solo project, though, releasing Paper in 2004. In 2005, however, the Black Crowes reunited for a show at San Francisco's Fillmore, a concert that was released in both CD and DVD formats as Freak 'N' Roll...Into the Fog in 2006. That year also saw the release of The Lost Crowes, which contained two previously unreleased albums, 1993's Tall (parts of which were heard on Amorica and in other places) and the 1997 never-before-heard Band. Following a series of lineup changes, the retooled band hit the road for a proper tour before setting to work on its first studio effort in seven years. Joined by newcomer Luther Dickinson, guitarist and co-founder of the North Mississippi Allstars, the Black Crowes combined the rootsy appeal of their early work with a newfound political awareness on 2008's Warpaint. A live performance of the album, available as both a DVD and a two-disc CD set titled Warpaint Live, appeared a year later in 2009. Before the Frost/Until the Freeze arrived that same year, marking the band's eighth studio effort and gathering warm reviews.

CroweologyThe Black Crowes continued their prolific streak with 2010's Croweology, a double-disc album that featured new acoustic recordings of the band's past work. The album's release was bittersweet, though, as it coincided with a farewell tour followed by another indefinite hiatus. Rich Robinson released his second solo album, Through a Crooked Sun, in 2011 and his brother Chris released two albums with his new band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, in 2012. The Crowes lurched back to life in 2013, announcing a spring tour and releasing the live album Wiser for the Time on vinyl and MP3. This proved to be the last time for the Black Crowes: in January 2015, Rich Robinson announced the band was breaking up. (Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG)

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