Mondo Mando (Deluxe Edition - Remaster) David Grisman

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Label: Acoustic Disc

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: New Acoustic

Artist: David Grisman

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FLAC 48 $ 13.20
  • 1Cedar Hill03:47
  • 2Dawg Funk04:11
  • 3Japan03:37
  • 4Fanny Hill03:11
  • 5Anouman05:03
  • 6Caliente07:28
  • 7Albuquerque Turkey02:56
  • 8Mondo Mando08:54
  • 9Dawg Funk (Live)03:51
  • 10Albuquerque Turkey (Alt)06:43
  • 11Mondo Mando (Live)08:53
  • Total Runtime58:34

Info for Mondo Mando (Deluxe Edition - Remaster)

Just a flat out stunning record. Any fan of the mandolin must spend some time at the house that David built. His self described "Dawg Music" is stylistically apart from the hard-core traditional folk and bluegrass sounds, but rather than renounce the roots of the instrument he manages to evolve it into something beautiful. Consisting of all original pieces save one by the guitar master Django Reinhardt the record just touches the surface before it sadly ends. But never fear gentle reader, David's catalogue is full of great records and he continues to record and share his music with his ever loyal fan base. Any of his recordings, either solo, Dawg or collaborations with Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice are worth a thorough listening. The cover illustration, although consisting of musical clowns, flowers and other circus and natural element, has a slightly dark and sinister feel to it. Reminds me a bit of Hieronymus Bosch in the depth and variety of characters portrayed in his tableaus.

"David Grisman's desire to break or extend the boundaries of string music, folk, and bluegrass resulted in recordings that are also of interest to jazz listeners. The mandolinist performs seven colorful originals (including "Dawg Funk"), plus Django Reinhardt's lesser-known "Anouman" with various string players, including Mike Marshall on mandolin, violinists Darol Anger and Mark O'Connor, guitarist Tony Rice, and bassist Rob Wasserman; the Kronos String Quartet helps out on "Mando Mando." Unpredictable and fairly unique music." (Scott Yanow, AMG)

David Grisman, mandolins
Darol Anger, violin, cello
Mike Marshall, guitar, mandolin, violin
Tony Rice, guitar
Joanne Sakai, violin
Rob Wasserman, bass
Kronos Quartet on "Mondo Mamdo"

Digitally remastered

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