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  • 1Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria (Live) [2023 Remaster]02:42
  • 2Da war so viel los (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:50
  • 3Medley: 0-Rhesus Negativ / Johnny Controletti / Rudi Ratlos / Elli Pirelli / Sister King Kong (Live) [2023 Remaster]09:26
  • 4Das kann man ja auch mal so sehen (Live) [2023 Remaster]05:43
  • 5Sie ist vierzig (Live) [2023 Remaster]03:56
  • 6Schneewittchen (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:18
  • 7Honky Tonky Show(Live) [2023 Remaster]05:35
  • 8Na und (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:59
  • 9Candy Jane (Live) [2023 Remaster]05:19
  • 10Die Heizer kommen (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:39
  • 11Baby, wenn ich down bin (feat. Helen Schneider) [Live] [2023 Remaster]03:59
  • 12Affenstern (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:36
  • 13Bis ans Ende der Welt (Live) [2023 Remaster]02:34
  • 14Ich bin Rocker (Live) [2023 Remaster]03:14
  • 15Leider nur ein Vakuum (Live) [2023 Remaster]03:41
  • 16Wozu sind Kriege da (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:23
  • 17Gene Galaxo (Live) [2023 Remaster]07:38
  • 18No Future (Live) [2023 Remaster]04:20
  • 19Grande Finale (Live) [2023 Remaster]05:47
  • 20Woddy Woddy Wodka (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]07:05
  • 21Ganz Anders (feat. Jan Delay) [Live in Hamburg] [2023 Remaster]04:55
  • 22Wenn Du durchhängst (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]04:47
  • 23Was hat die Zeit mit uns gemacht (feat. Nathalie Dorra) [Live in Hamburg] [2023 Remaster]05:07
  • 24Der Greis ist heiß (feat. Otto Waalkes) [Live in Hamburg] [2023 Remaster]04:50
  • 25Unterm Säufermond (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]06:12
  • 26Stark wie zwei (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]04:22
  • 27Interview mit Gott (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]04:22
  • 28Der Astronaut muss weiter (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]04:06
  • 29Mein Ding (Live in Köln) [2023 Remaster]05:06
  • 30Cello (feat. Clueso) [Live in Köln] [2023 Remaster]05:19
  • 31Höllenfahrt (Live in Köln) [2023 Remaster]04:39
  • 32Sonderzug nach Pankow (feat. Stefan Raab) [Live in Köln] [2023 Remaster]03:15
  • 33Mädchen aus Ostberlin (Live in Köln) [2023 Remaster]05:21
  • 34Das Leben (Live in Köln) [2023 Remaster]06:13
  • 35Meine erste Liebe (Live in Köln) [2023 Remaster]04:15
  • 36Reeperbahn (feat. Jan Delay) [Live in Köln] [2023 Remaster]05:32
  • 37Horizont (feat. Josephin Busch & Natalie Dorra) [Live in Köln] [2023 Remaster]07:12
  • 38Odyssee (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]03:03
  • 39Einer muss den Job ja machen (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]04:37
  • 40Coole Socke (feat. Kids on Stage) [Live in Leipzig] [2023 Remaster]02:58
  • 41Ich lieb Dich überhaupt nicht mehr (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]05:10
  • 42Durch die schweren Zeiten (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]04:28
  • 43Plan B (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]04:01
  • 44Sie brauchen keinen Führer (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]03:14
  • 45Bunte Republik Deutschland (feat. Gentleman, Daniel Wirtz, Ole Feddersen) [Live in Leipzig] [2023 Remaster]09:26
  • 46Eldorado (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]04:33
  • 47Ich schwöre (Live in Leipzig) [2023 Remaster]03:55
  • 48Das kann man ja auch mal so sehen (feat. Klaus Doldinger) [Live in Gelsenkirchen] [2023 Remaster]06:50
  • 49We’ve Gotta Get Out of this Place (feat. Eric Burdon) [Live in Hannover] [2023 Remaster]05:33
  • 50Wir werden jetzt Freunde (Live in Berlin) [2023 Remaster]05:30
  • 51Ich brech die Herzen der stolzesten Frauen (feat. Johannes Oerding) [Live in Timmendorf] [2023 Remaster]04:53
  • 52Ich zieh meinen Hut (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]03:31
  • 53Daumen im Wind (Live in Hamburg) [2023 Remaster]03:26
  • 54Der Deal (feat. Stephanie Kloss) [Live in Hamburg] [2023 Remaster]04:59
  • 55Bodo Ballermann (Live on Tour 2015) [2023 Remaster]03:21
  • 56Goodbye Sailor (Live in Frankfurt) [2023 Remaster]03:16
  • Total Runtime04:31:01

Info for LIVE (2023 Remaster)

Half a century, or in other words: 50 years. It's been that long since Udo Lindenberg founded the legendary Panikorchester. This merger was made official on August 13, 1973, and since then it has been like an inseparable alliance, and even though the band's line-up has always undergone some changes, it should remain as such until the end.

Almost exactly 10 years after the band was founded, Odyssey, one of the most important albums in German music history, was released, which was intended to cement Udo Lindenberg and his panic orchestra firmly in the consciousness of the nation, which was still divided at the time.

Especially during the joint live concerts it became clear how harmonious and symbiotic the interaction between singer and band or orchestra worked. One legendary show followed the next, and even the initial ban on performances in the GDR was ultimately lifted for this special act as an exception.

In the same year that Odyssey was released, the legendary concert took place at the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg), before which the visitors probably had no idea that they would become part of another iconic release. The concert, which took place on March 19, 1983, was recorded live and was released as an official live album in the same year under the name Lindstarke 10.

In January 1990, Lindenberg was able to tour the former GDR for the first time with the new Panikorchester in the wake of the political change. The concert in Leipzig was also recorded and produced and published as the live album Live in Leipzig.

Jump in time to 2023: For the big 50th anniversary of the Panikorchester, not only these two live recordings are being released, but also together with the hardly less legendary live album LIVE '96, which documents the reunion of the original Panikorchester, which continues to this day and was also released in 1997 by Polydor , and will now be available for the first time on HIGHRESAUDIO.

Today, no one knows exactly when this historical moment was when the PANIKORCHESTER played for the first time. Steffi Stephan, one of the co-founders, once said in an interview, “It all started on August 13th. Well, at least we agreed on this date after the fact. It was definitely in the summer of 1973.” August 13, 1973 is a Monday. James Bond, “Live and Let Die” is showing in the cinema, two months before that Helmut Kohl is elected chairman of the CDU and the king is overthrown in Afghanistan. In Chile there is a coup against Allende and in Washington Richard Nixon refuses to resign after the Watergate affair. In this supposedly good old time of the last millennium, a music group emerged that helped determine the following years - at least as far as German rock was concerned: the PANIKORCHESTER.

To dock with Steffi Stephan's “Na ja” - the answer to the question of why the PANIC ORCHESTER was named that way has been lost somewhere in the course of history. Once it is said that Udo Lindenberg based it on the legendary sentence “No panic on the Titanic”, others believe that the neon lighting “panic exit” in the Kolpinghaus in Teltge, where the band was currently performing, triggered the spark. Whatever. One person can provide information, at least about the first historical mention - the panic maestro himself: “The term PANIC ORCHESTRA comes from the 1973 song 'Boogie Woogie Girls'. It says 'The panic orchestra blew me away and then you too, freaking out. Boogie woogie girls."

The band's tremendous success in the sheet music industry over the past 50 years shows once again what a happy coincidence accompanied the birth of the PANIKORCHESTER. The original line-up on Kanalstrasse in Münster, where a barn was converted into a rehearsal room, looked like this: In addition to mastermind Udo Lindenberg, Steffi Stephan, Gottfried Böttger, Peter “Backi” Backähne, Karl Allaut and Judith Hodosi. Udo Lindenberg once summarizes it succinctly: “In 1973 was the day when the panic rocket hissed off towards Olympus. And people already suspected back then that their star flight would last a thousand years.” Well, that much time is not yet manageable at the moment, but the past 50 years have already achieved a lot.

If the master himself contributed composition and (or) lyrics in addition to voice to his works and thus created the framework for the supporting dome of the work of art, the producer the supporting columns and fine bay windows, then it was always the foundation that designed the PANIC ORCHESTRA, and thus giving the songs on stage at shows and concerts in arenas and stadiums virtuosic sound and stability. Udo Lindenberg: “The Panikorchester was the first German loose and easy show band with artists from Rudi Ratlos to Elli Pyrelli to Ole Pinguin, my friend from Greenland/Dröhnland. And the band was consistently banned from any kind of stiff behavior on stage.” What’s more: Udo Lindenberg himself carried out the minimum blood alcohol test with original police tubes – the lower limit was prescribed, the result was open to the maximum. “Always the slightly broad party thing and no more long-faced, pinched German rock.” And: “We always knew we had the strongest lyrics and the sharpest compositions, everything else is performance. We are the new German rock 'n' roll rocket band Anyway, haha (and if you don't believe it, you should have a drink? yeah, that's how it was)." "Besides, you could always fall back on good looks, that is very important in this industry (in which it is said: the eye listens!)”

As eventful as the history of the last 50 years has been, the albums and pieces of music - from the 1973 hit "Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria" to current long-running favorites such as "Odyssey" or "Eldorado" - have varied over the course of the 18,000 or so Days and nights were also the line-up of the PANIC ORCHESTRA - up to today's formation with Jean-Jacques Kravetz, Bertram Engel, Hendrik Schaper, Jörg Sander, Steffi Stephan, Hannes Bauer and the guitarist Carola Kretschmer, who unfortunately died in March.

Warner Music has now put together a treasure for fans to mark the anniversary: A rare treasure for fans of Udo Lindenberg and the Panikorchester, combining the highlights from the respective albums. Even more: songs from the albums “Stark wie Zwei – live”, “Ich do mein Ding – die Show” and “Stärker als die Zeit – live” appear here on vinyl for the first time. A very special gem for collectors is the sixth record in the box. It contains a selection of tracks from the last 15 years with recordings from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Gelsenkirchen and the dress rehearsal in Timmendorf, which has been celebrated for years. “Bodo Ballermann” from the 2016 tour has not yet been released.

Udo Lindenberg & The Panik Orchestra

Udo Lindenberg
Acht Jahre ist es her, dass Udo Lindenberg ein beispielloses, noch immer andauerndes Comeback mit seinem Album „Stark wie Zwei“ gelang, seinem ersten Nr. 1 Album im Laufe seiner nunmehr über 40jährigen Karriere. 2011 folgte dann das noch erfolgreichere Nr. 1 Album „MTV Unplugged – live aus dem Hotel Atlantic“.

Dafür gab es 11 Mal Gold und 5 Mal Platin und zwei Echos, zudem katapultierte sich die Single Cello auf Platz 4 der Single-Charts. Dazu kamen weitere Charterfolge mit Singles wie Ein Herz kann man nicht reparieren (2011) und die Unplugged-Version Reeperbahn 2011 (What It’s Like) im Jahr 2012. Überwältigend war auch der Erfolg der Ich mach mein Ding-Tournee im Jahr 2013, die zu den besten und aufwendigsten Shows gehörten, die ein deutscher Künstler je auf die Beine gestellt hat. Die daraus resultierende Live-DVD/Blu-Ray/Audio-CD Ich mach mein Ding – Die Show hielt sich wochenlang auf Platz 1 der DVD- und Platz 3 der Musik-Charts und erreichte Gold. Darauf folgte 2014 seine erste ausverkaufte Stadion-Tournee, 2015 die zweite und 2016 bildet den glanzvollen Abschluss der Stadion-Trilogie.

2016 ist das Jahr, in dem sich Deutschlands erfolgreichster deutscher Künstler, Ikone des deutschen Rocks mit einem neuen Studio-Album zurückmeldet: Stärker als die Zeit erscheint am 29. April und enthält 15 lupenreine LINDENBERG-Songs, die von Andreas Herbig, Henrik Menzel & Peter "Jem" Seifert in Szene gesetzt wurden, die auch für Stark wie Zwei als Produzenten verantwortlich zeichneten. Bereits am 26. Februar wird die Single Durch die schweren Zeiten veröffentlicht und feiert gleichzeitig ihre Radiopremiere. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt kann auch das Album vorbestellt werden.

Mit „Stark wie Zwei“ hatte Lindenberg sich künstlerisch komplett neu entworfen – indem er zu sich selbst zurückgefunden hatte, die Platte klang wie die besten der ganz frühen Lindenberg Werke – aber mit der Erfahrung eines sehr bewegten Lebens: er hatte alle Tiefen und Dunkelzonen ausgemessen, jetzt hatte er uns wirklich etwas zu erzählen. „Stark wie Zwei“ handelte vom Überleben, das neue Album geht schlüssig einen Schritt weiter und reflektiert die sagenhaften acht Jahre, in denen Lindenberg alles gelang, „Stärker als die Zeit“ also handelt von der Unsterblichkeit. Wenn jemand darüber etwas weiß, dann ja wohl er: Udo Lindenberg.

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