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Label: Jazznarts Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Nu Jazz

Artist: Thomas Siffling Trio

Composer: Various

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  • 1Anticipation02:58
  • 2Bustling06:08
  • 3Just a little song04:15
  • 4Urban Time-Lapse06:06
  • 5Reflective04:28
  • 6Space Trash06:27
  • 7Hallelujah05:10
  • 8The Pulse03:16
  • 9Wutbuerger05:19
  • 10Just a little song from St Lucia03:22
  • 11The Pulse RMX04:34
  • 12Hallelujah RMX05:02
  • Total Runtime57:05

Info for Personal Relations

Ten years after the founding of the Thomas Siffling Trio, the band presents itself on its 4th studio album with clearly more rough edges than on the predecessor album in 2009. On this album, the known mixture of acoustic and electronic jazz has gotten more depth through the partial chamber-musical sounding pieces.

In the electronically pieces, the numbers of beats were substantially inclined. Thus titles like 'Halleluiah' from Leonard Cohen or 'Reflective' from Thomas Siffling shine by a miraculous melody guidance, transparency and depth, while titles, i. e. 'Bustling' and „When time of state quietly for a moment“ have quite clearly more progressive moves and more energy.

Thomas Siffling was one of the first German trumpet players who used electronic devices for extending his sound on the trumpet. For many years, he belongs to the pioneers of electronic influence in jazz.

He is known as one of the most important representatives of the 'young' German jazz scene and has made himself a name by numerous guest performances in Germany and foreign countries, i.e. Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Canada and numerous European states.

He sees himself as a border crosser between various genres and connects in his music jazz forms with pop music and electronic elements without denying his musical roots at any point.

He changes between natural sounds and specific sound enlargements by the electronics on trumpet and flugelhorn in order to create for the listener a wonderful diverse sound experience.

Thomas Siffling, trumpet, fluegelhorn, electronics
Jens Loh, bass, electronics
Markus Faller, drums, percussion

Thomas Siffling
For many years the trumpet player Thomas Siffling belongs to the forerunners concerning electronic influence in the jazz. He is valid as one of the most important representatives of the 'young' German jazz scene and has made to himself by numerous guest performances in Germany and foreign countries a name. Thus he guested already among other things in Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Canada and numerous European states.

With his main project to Thomas Siffling Trio (trumpet, bass and drums) he presents a clear and understandable jazz with claim and draught. A music sounding up-to-date and young it attracts nationwide as well as internationally more and more attention. In his newest project in the duet with Claus Boesser Ferrari in the acoustic guitar 'Duologix' he devotes himself rather to the modern and experimental sounds in an acoustically electronic context are put. Another exciting project the variety Sifflings underlines.

Siffling in 2005 with the famous jazz price of the country Baden-)Wurttemberg teaches excellently since 2010 at the college for music Saarbrucken jazz trumpet and pursues his own Produktions company with two record labels (JAZZ'n'ARTS and Personality Records). Since 2006 he has his own concert series at the National Theatre of Mannheim and since 2012 he is a jazz adviser for the Jazz & Joy Festival in Worms.

Markus Faller
Is a drummer and percussionist based in Germany. Over the last decade he appeared on numerous CDs and played concerts worldwide. Longtime studies of drums and percussion at University and private teachers.

Bands and projects: After beginning in rock bands member of a lot of bands and orchestras in different styles! Former member of the 'Jazz Orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany' conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer.

Toured: Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay, Korea, Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Moldavia etc. Worked with: Jo Koinzer, John Marks, Friedemann, Torbjorn Sunde, Peter Lehel, Rüdiger Oppermann, Herbert Joos, Jerry Bergonzi, Philippe Geiss, Thomas Siffling, Peter Schindler, Birelli Lagrene etc.

Also Studio work for CDs, TV productions, theater and film music, etc. and teacher for drum students (private lessons, clinics, workshops, etc.)

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