FINGERGULL - In festo susceptionis sanguinis Domini Schola Sanctae Sunnivae & Anne Kleivset

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  • Ad primas vesperas: The Holy Blood office MS. Add. 47 fol.:
  • 1Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Super precipuos01:06
  • 2Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Ecce advenit dominator Deus00:44
  • 3Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Salus aeterna nobis00:46
  • 4Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Christus Deus noster00:46
  • 5Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Exultemus in Domino00:59
  • 6Ad primas vesperas, responsorium: Jesu bone03:35
  • 7Ad primas vesperas, hymne: Salve lux mundi03:06
  • 8Ad primas vesperas, antiphona ad Magnificat: Ave pater gloriosae01:43
  • Ad matutunas:
  • 9Ad matutunas, antiphona ad invitatorium: Filie Sion venite03:05
  • 10Ad matutunas, hymnus: Christe redemptor omnium03:10
  • In primo nocturno:
  • 11In primo nocturno, antiphona: Auctor salutis omnium02:29
  • 12In primo nocturno, antiphona: Beata vere civitas02:29
  • 13In primo nocturno, antiphona: Clementissime Domine03:41
  • 14In primo nocturno, responsorium: Dignus es, Domine02:08
  • 15In primo nocturno, responsorium: O vere digna hostia02:22
  • 16In primo nocturno, responsorium: Domine Jesu Christe04:09
  • In secundo nocturno:
  • 17In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Domine rex omnipotens03:06
  • 18In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Gregem tuum Domine01:55
  • 19In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Da, benignissime Deus02:10
  • 20In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Verbum patris aeterni03:16
  • 21In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Primogenito patris01:49
  • 22In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Completis scriptis03:01
  • In tertio nocturno:
  • 23In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Gratia Dei per Jesum Christum03:09
  • 24In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Domine fons misericordiae03:32
  • 25In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Ave regum rex et Domine02:58
  • 26In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Sanguis tuus Domine02:15
  • 27In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Gratia dominica02:07
  • 28In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Summa laus03:08
  • Ad laudes:
  • 29Ad laudes, antiphona: Crux benedicta nitet, Dominus00:32
  • 30Ad laudes, antiphona: Salvator mundi, salva nos00:39
  • 31Ad laudes, antiphona: Orabat Christus in caelum01:00
  • 32Ad laudes, antiphona: Redemisti nos, Deus00:42
  • 33Ad laudes, antiphona: Ecce de quo Johannes dicit00:43
  • 34Ad laudes, hymnus: Magne Deus potentiae02:01
  • 35Ad laudes, Antiphona ad Benedictus: Laetentur omnes populi02:01
  • Ad secundas vesperas:
  • 36Ad secundas vesperas, antiphona ad Magnificat: Rex seculorum01:51
  • Total Runtime01:18:13

Info for FINGERGULL - In festo susceptionis sanguinis Domini

„Blóð várs herra Jesv Christi kom til Niðar ós“ (The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ came to Nidaros). With these words the Icelandic Annales regii for 1165 record the arrival of a drop of Christ's blood in Nidaros, today's Trondheim, in Norway. What had arrived was a precious relic, and, if the information given in the Icelandic annals about the arrival of a holy blood relic to Nidaros is correct, then it was in fact one of the first places to receive such a prominent relic.

Today the Nidaros holy blood relic has disappeared, and many regard the medieval cult of relics as repellent, heathen and, indeed, utterly fanciful. However, if we choose to focus on the main idea lying behind the cult of the holy blood – namely the theme of the redemption of mankind flowing from a substance that descends from the divine – we might perhaps understand the cult's long-standing attraction. This attraction is still operative: who amongst us enlightened contemporaries has not been fascinated by books and films like The Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which are really just remakes of a tradition traceable through Richard Wagner's Lohengrin or Parsifal back to Chrétien de Troyes's 12th century grail stories and the medieval legends about Mary Magdalene? Schola Sanctae Sunnivae and conductor Anne Kleivset have worked on this material for many years, and they give here the first complete recording of the 'Holy Blood office'.

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae
Anne Kleivset, conductor

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae
The Gregorian chant choir Schola Sanctae Sunnivae was established in 1992 and consists of 12–14 female singers led by founder and conductor Anne Kleivset. The schola chose Norway’s first female saint, the Irish princess Sunniva, as their patron. The ensemble is connected to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Schola Sanctae Sunnivae has spearheaded the restoration and performance of Gregorian chant material from Norwegian and European medieval sources and earned praise for their work from many leading institutions. The choir has recorded four CD's: De Susceptione Sanguinis Christi (1997), Rex Olavus (2000), Officium et Missae In Nativitate Sancti Ioannis Baptistae (2006) and In Nativitate Beatae MARIAE Virginis (2010). Currently the choir is widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading Gregorian chant ensembles.

Anne Kleivset (*1960) has been the artistic director of the Schola Sanctae Sunnivae since the ensemble was founded in 1992. She holds degrees in Sacred music and pedagogics from the Conservatory of Trøndelag, Norway, and has studied plainchant at the Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes, France, at the Conservatory of Paris, with Rev. Kees Pouderoijen in Vienna, Austria and Eugeen Liven d’Abelardo in Amsterdam, Holland. Apart from masterminding the four CDs already released with the Schola, she has also been instrumental in the production of numerous performances where Gregorian chant meets other means of artistic expressions. For a great many years she has also been working with different folkloristic textures, through concert performances, tuition, choral work, theatre and folklore performances.

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