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  • The Mist Of Time:
  • 1The Mist Of Time Pt. 102:58
  • 2The Mist Of Time Pt. 202:27
  • 3The Mist Of Time Pt. 303:15
  • Circling Dragons:
  • 4Circling Dragons Pt. 101:54
  • 5Circling Dragons Pt. 201:45
  • 6Circling Dragons Pt. 301:55
  • Sky Fire:
  • 7Sky Fire Pt. 102:47
  • 8Sky Fire Pt. 202:56
  • Waiting For The Stars:
  • 9Waiting For The Stars Pt. 102:57
  • 10Waiting For The Stars Pt. 202:27
  • 11Waiting For The Stars Pt. 303:16
  • Inner Light:
  • 12Inner Light Pt. 101:53
  • 13Inner Light Pt. 201:45
  • 14Inner Light Pt. 301:55
  • Divine Passage:
  • 15Divine Passage Pt. 102:47
  • 16Divine Passage Pt. 202:55
  • Gateway To Dreams:
  • 17Gateway To Dreams Pt. 102:57
  • 18Gateway To Dreams Pt. 202:27
  • 19Gateway To Dreams Pt. 303:20
  • The Road To Avalon:
  • 20The Road To Avalon Pt. 101:50
  • 21The Road To Avalon Pt. 201:48
  • 22The Road To Avalon Pt. 301:55
  • Your Sword, Your Star:
  • 23Your Sword, Your Star Pt. 102:47
  • 24Your Sword, Your Star Pt. 202:52
  • Total Runtime59:48

Info for Celtic Relaxation

Decca Records announces today the release of a brand-new series of accessible bespoke albums of newly composed music and words designed to enhance anyone’s life and help the listener approach their life in a more mindful way. The newly signed Calm Collective, features musician Lotte Mullan working together with Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist Martin Weaver and Mindfulness Practitioner Victoria Grove who have created a series of albums released from 21 June 2019.

This collection of specially created mindfulness albums has something for everyone. Whether dealing with the pressures of everyday life and anxiety, battling sleepless nights and tearful babies, or even improving the intimacy of a sexual relationship, the Calm Collective is designed to bring help to all. Each of the albums feature newly composed music by Lotte Mullan who carefully designed the compositions to lower the heart rate and calm the mind. Mullan wore a Fitbit throughout the making of the records to monitor the effect different sounds and rhythms had on her heart rate. With six albums already available to stream, including Relaxing Piano, Baby Sleep, Inner Calm, Sounds of Nature, Deep Sleep and Calming Noise, the first albums to feature new music along with mindfulness meditations will be released this June.

Lotte Mullan
is a writer and musician from Suffolk.

‘Diary of a Plain Jane’, a blog Mullan wrote about sexism in the music business, was optioned for a film deal by Elton John's Rocket Pictures. Dame Jenni Murray broadcasted one of the diary entries ‘The Side-boob hug’ on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and the screen play is in development.

Mullan has released four records. Her last studio album 'Love’s Bonfire’ was recorded in Nashville with American rockers Band of Horses.

She recently completed her first novel and has a new record out in April 2019 featuring songs from the films ‘Wild Rose’ and ‘Fisherman’s Friends

Martin Weaver
works as a UKCP registered Constructivist Psychotherapist, Supervisor and trainer, using Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy, (NLPt). He is qualified to Master Practitioner standard in NLP and is an INLPTA certified NLP trainer. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in the supervision of counsellors from the University of Birmingham. He provides psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and supervision to individuals and couples at his practice in West London and is involved in several psychotherapy / counselling and supervision training programmes.

In the early1980s Martin was a volunteer with the Terrence Higgins Trust. Taking the first call on the helpline he was instrumental in setting the foundations for the first response to the AIDS crisis. He developed support, advice and counselling services for those people who were affected and traumatised at the beginning of the crisis.

During an 11 year career in the NHS he piloted the Primary Health Care Team training development programme in the South West Thames region, as well as developing and implementing a Health Promotion Officer’s training programme. He has worked at senior manager level at Regional and District level and has been responsible for commissioning new services and leading on the development of drug and alcohol and sexual health services.

Between 2002 and 2004 Martin was the Vice Chair, then Chair, of the professional organisation that seeks to maintain standards and develop the skills of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapists and Counsellors, the Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association, (NLPtCA). He is a past member of the Training, Education & Practice Committee of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and has helped in the re-shaping of its structure.

Martin provided psychological support, supervision and training to the staff and counsellors at the 7th July Assistance Centre. The centre provided psychotherapy, guidance and support to people who were affected by the London bombings in 2005, later taking on 16 further terrorist incidents and disasters. Building on his established training experience Martin created and delivered a series of workshops for the counsellors and support staff.

From October 2010 to March 2011 he supervised the small team providing psychosocial support to the families and witnesses throughout the Coroner’s Inquests into the London Bombings. From 2001 to 2011 he provided training, consultancy and supervision to the volunteer counsellors at Brent Bereavement Services & Bereavement Services for Hounslow. Currently he delivers courses for student psychotherapists to facilitate their UKCP accreditation.

Victoria Grove
is an actor and voice artist, voice coach, teacher of mindfulness meditation and yoga as well as being a Mother.

Victoria was introduced to yoga at drama school and deepened her understanding of mindfulness and meditation when struggling to juggle life as a working mother living in a one bed flat with her partner and toddler. A chaotic life makes practicing mindfulness all the more essential.

In 2018 Victoria appeared in the massively successful BBC 1 drama Bodyguard.

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