Antonio de Cabezón: Tientos, diferencias y glosadas Léon Berben

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Label: Aeolus

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Antonio de Cabezón (1510 - 1566):
  • 1Tiento del primer tono06:46
  • 2Canción glosada Triste départ04:51
  • 3Diferencias sobre La dama le demanda03:07
  • 4Himno Ave Maris Stella 103:17
  • 5Himno Ave Maris Stella 204:03
  • 6Diferencias sobre El Canto llano del Caballero03:23
  • 7Ad Dominum cum tribularer03:58
  • 8Tiento del sexto tono05:31
  • 9Canción glosada Anchor che col partire04:57
  • 10Diferencias sobre Quién tu me enojó Isabel08:12
  • 11Tiento del sexto tono09:40
  • 12Canción glosada Au joly boys04:47
  • 13Diferencias sobre La Gallarda Milanesa02:29
  • 14Comunio Beata viscera Mariae03:20
  • 15Diferencias sobre La Pavana Italiana03:51
  • 16Tiento del 1er tono01:55
  • 17Tiento del cuarto tono04:27
  • Total Runtime01:18:34

Info for Antonio de Cabezón: Tientos, diferencias y glosadas

Virtuoso keyboard music of the early 16th century: Léon Berben plays works by Antonio de Cabezón on one of the oldest organs in the world, the Gothic organ of St.Andreas in Soest-Ostönnen.

The organs that Antonio de Cabezón knew were still pretty "gothic" in sound. Not least because of this, the instrument in Ostönnen is perfectly suited for his works. It impresses with its variety of timbres and the ability of the individual voices to blend with one another. Surprising enough: this organ has only seven stops! The homogeneous acoustics of the Romanesque St. Andrew's Church contribute to the refinement of the overall sound. Instrument and space inspire Léon Berben to a highly colorful and deeply inspired view of the works of this Spanish master. Lovers of historical keyboard instruments and archaic organ sounds will highly enjoy this new album.

Leon Berben, Gotische Orgel St. Andreas Soest-Ostönnen

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