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  • 1Continuo on B.A.C.H. (2017 - Remaster)16:27
  • 2Window (2017 - Remaster)32:26
  • Total Runtime48:53

Info for Windows (2017 - Remaster)

"Windows" is the second album of the new Jon Lord reissue series at earMUSIC - to be released on HighResAudio. This 2017 reissue was remastered by Rob Cass from the original stereo mixes at Abbey Road and comes in a high quality digipak with a reworked artwork. Gemini Suite, originally released in 1971 and Windows (1974) will be followed by the reissue of Sarabande (1976) later this year.

With his legendary organ blues-rock sound, Deep Purple’s founder and soul, Jon Lord has influenced decades of rock music. He is without a doubt the pioneer of fusing rock and classical/baroque forms and became one of the most important composers of the last decades while having a major impact on the music business.

His album "Windows", composed by Jon Lord as well as the German composer and conductor Eberhard Schoener was recorded live on June 1st, 1974 at the Herkulessaal of the Munich Residenz with the Orchestra of the Munich Chamber Opera conducted by Eberhard Schoener.

The band for this special occasion was star-studded with musicians like Jon Lord’s former bandmates David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes as well as Tony Ashton, Ray Fenwick and Pete York.

The album consists of two parts. “Continuo on B.A.C.H” is a realisation of an unfinished fugue by J. S. Bach, which he based on a scale using the notes represented by his own name (B.A.C.H.). Lord and Schoener interpreted and finished it. “Window” is based on the idea of a form of chain poetry called Renga, developed during the 14th century in Far-East, where a group of poets co-writing would lock themselves away, writing each verse in turn and continue until the finished product emerged.

Jon Lord, piano, organ, ARP synthesizer
David Coverdale, vocals
Ray Fenwick, guitar
Tony Ashton, piano, organ, vocals
Glenn Hughes, bass, vocals
Pete York, drums, percussion
Eberhard Schoener, Moog synthesizer
The Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra
Eberhard Schoener, conductor
Ermina Santi, soprano
Sigune Von Osten, soprano
George Morrison, trumpet solo
Gottfried Greiner, cello solo
Gunter Salber, violin solo

Recorded during the Eurovision Presentation of Prix Jeunesse on Saturday, June 1st, 1974 at the Herkulessaal of the Munich Residenz with the Orchestra Opera Conducted by Eberhard Schoener
Mixed at Musicland Studios, Munich

Digitally remastered

Jon Lord
Jon Douglas Lord (born Leicester 9 June 1941, dead London 16 July 2012) was an English composer, Hammond organ and piano player.

He is recognised for his Hammond organ blues-rock sound and for his pioneering work in fusing rock and classical or baroque forms. He has most famously been a member of Deep Purple, as well as of Whitesnake, Paice, Ashton Lord, The Artwoods and Flower Pot Men.

In 1968, Lord co-founded Deep Purple. He and drummer Ian Paice were the only constant band members during the band's existence from 1968 to 1976 and from the reunion in 1984 until Lord's retirement in 2002.

One of his finest works was his composition Concerto for Group and Orchestra, which was performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969 with Deep Purple (Lord and Paice with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, singer Ian Gillan and bass guitarist Roger Glover) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The concerto was revived for its 30th anniversary in 1999 with another performance at the Albert Hall, again performed by Deep Purple (Lord, Paice, Gillan, Glover and Steve Morse in place of Ritchie Blackmore) with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

After retiring from Deep Purple in 2002, Jon Lord has concentrated on a solo career of composing and touring. In 2008, he achieved success as a classical composer when his Durham Concerto entered the UK classical album charts.

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