The Hard Way (Remaster) The Dukes & Steve Earle

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Label: Geffen Records

Genre: Rock


Artist: The Dukes & Steve Earle

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  • 1The Other Kind05:09
  • 2Promise You Anything02:44
  • 3Esmeralda's Hollywood06:02
  • 4Hopeless Romantics02:45
  • 5This Highway's Mine (Roadmaster)03:54
  • 6Billy Austin06:17
  • 7Justice In Ontario04:48
  • 8Have Mercy04:41
  • 9When The People Find Out04:11
  • 10Country Girl04:12
  • 11Regular Guy03:17
  • 12West Nashville Boogie03:10
  • 13Close Your Eyes04:45
  • Total Runtime55:55

Info for The Hard Way (Remaster)

Originally released in 1990, The Hard Way was Steve Earle's fourth studio album with The Dukes.

'I defend The Hard Way to the death, because I almost died in the process of making it,' Steve Earle told a reporter in 2000, and he wasn't just being melodramatic. Earle's well-documented addiction to heroin and cocaine was spiraling out of control in 1990 while he was holed up in Memphis recording The Hard Way. And while his 1988 album Copperhead Road showed him moving away from country and more toward hard rock -- and earned him a minor crossover hit in the process -- his record label was hoping for a major commercial breakthrough so that his sales might begin to match his good press. The resulting album is a bit of a mess, often sloppy and overbearing, where his country sides had been dynamic and precise, and Earle's voice was starting to show the strain of his lifestyle. Even his songwriting, usually peerless, wasn't at its best here, with 'When the People Find Out,' 'Regular Guy,' and 'Justice in Ontario' sounding like they were tossed together fast to round out the album (the latter sounds like a transparent stroke to his Canadian fan base, where Copperhead Road went multi-platinum). But even his weakest studio album has plenty to recommend it, the all-too-biographical 'Have Mercy' and 'West Nashville Boogie,' and 'Billy Austin,' a deeply moving ballad about a man on death row. The Hard Way isn't much of an album by Earle's standards, but it's still got enough heart, soul, and fire to prove Earle couldn't throw away his talent, no matter how hard he tried. ~ Mark Deming

Steve Earle, lead vocal, guitars, mandolin, bass, guitar synthesizer
The Dukes:
Bucky Baxter, Mullins pedal steel guitar
Ken Moore, organ, synthesizer, string arrangements
Zip Gibson, electric guitars, vocals
Kelly Looney, bass, vocals
Craig Wright, drums
John Jarvis, piano
Lester Snell, organ on 'When The People Find Out'
Patrick Earle, percussion
Stacey Earle Mims, harmony on 'Promise You Anything'
Williams & Brown, background vocals
Susan Jerome-Taylor, background vocals

Recorded 1990 at Ardent Recording, Memphis, TN; Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN.
Engineered by Mark J. Coddington, Pete Keppler
Produced by Steve Earle, Joe Hardy

Digitally remastered

Please Note: we do not offer the 96 kHz version of this album, because the maximum frequency response is 48 kHz.

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