The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi The Quartet Four Seasons

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Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber

Artist: The Quartet Four Seasons

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)

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  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741):
  • 1Concerto in E major,"La Primavera" (Spring) ,Op. 8-1, RV 26910:34
  • 2Concerto in G minor, "L'estate" (Summer) ,Op. 8-2, RV 31510:41
  • 3Concerto in F major,"L'autunno" (Autumn),Op. 8-3, RV 29311:05
  • 4Concerto in F minor, "L'inverno" (Winter),"Op. 8-4, RV 29709:00
  • Total Runtime41:20

Info for The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi

UNAMAS label known for jazz releases now challenges classical for the first time. The recording session took place in 2014 in Ohga Hall, Karuizawa by a young string quartet led by Shiori Takeda, violinist. The string quartet played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and the solo parts in each season were allocated to the second violin for spring, the cello for summer, the viola for autumn, and the first violin for winter that were recorded separately and overdubbed. What an exciting and fun attempt in playing Four Seasons! Moreover, it was a careful and perfectionistic production of high-res that brought an overwhelming sense of transients and the depth unlike from a quartet capturing the finest texture of five each instruments through 192kHz/24bit recording. 2 channel mix is amazing, but we recommend to try listening 5 channel mix. The rear mics face upward to capture the reflections from the ceiling. This kind of attempt has probably never been done in the classical recordings. The new world of listening opens up through such a radical work of challenge.

The Quartet Four Seasons:
Shiori Takeda, 1st violin
Kumiko Kasugai, 2nd violin
Kazuhide Iino, viola
Masateru Nishikata, cello

Recorded 20-22.02.2014 at Ohga Hall Karuizawa, Nagano,Japan

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