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  • 1I'm Afraid I Love You02:38
  • 2I'm Ready03:14
  • 3Angel Numbers03:12
  • 4Cry03:49
  • 5Touch And Go03:40
  • 6Turnham Green03:45
  • 7Rest Of My Night03:35
  • 8Let Me Know When (feat. Fleet Foxes)02:54
  • 9Dorothy02:38
  • 10Sorry Adam03:25
  • Total Runtime32:50

Info for Here Goes Nothing!

Charismatic and warm hearted, Adam Melchor is the LA-based singer-songwriter playing our heart strings like a harp. His debut album ‘Here Goes Nothing’ explores the inner intricacies of Adam with beautiful production and heart on his sleeve lyricism, creating a debut album that is nothing short of enchanting.

Co-produced by Melchor and Henry Kwapis (Benny Blanco, Dijon), the record features additional contributions from Charlie Puth, Lennon Stella, Emily Warren and Andrew Sarlo. Here Goes Nothing! also features Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) on the track “Let Me Know When.”

“…a classic pop-folk song, with soft melodies and ethereal acoustic guitar riffs. The melancholy song highlights the beauty that can come from pain, as Melchor hears somebody’s reasoning for hurting him.” 

“The dreamy indie-folk tune doubles down on Melchor’s knack for warm harmonies and frames him as wholeheartedly in love.” 

“‘Turnham Green’ is a sobering moment of empathy.”

“Another dreamy alt-folk single from LA-based singer-songwriter Adam Melchor, ‘Turnham Green,’ sets exquisite vocals on gently enveloping instrumentals.”

“Pulling on complex emotions with the warmest transparency, Melchor combines sparkling musicality alongside his dreamy vocals and forthright lyricism.”

“Adam Melchor wears his heart on his sleeve in the delicate new single ‘Cry’”

Adam Melchor

Adam Melchor
Born in New Jersey in 1992, Melchor was surrounded by music with the help of the multiple music teachers in his family. Even though he never planned on using it, Melchor received a degree in opera from Montclair State University. After college he moved to New York where he started performing his original songs in bars, dives, pizza shops, and any venue that would have him. In February 2020, Melchor started what he called the Lullaby Hotline, a project where fans would text a number and receive a lullaby recording from Melchor on a weekly basis. By the end of this project, Melchor recorded 52 originals and covers for more than 10,000 hotline members. The popularity of the Lullaby Hotline led Melchor to sign with Warner Records in 2021, eventually leading to his debut album, Melchor Lullaby Hotline, Vol. 1. Melchor's unique style of music has quickly created an astounding fanbase, with more than 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and top songs "Real Estate" and "Joyride" combining for more than 52 million streams.

It's normally seen as a bad thing when an artist's music puts you to sleep; however, this is the intention for the shimmery-voiced singer/songwriter Adam Melchor. Known for his soft acoustics, tranquil beats and dreamy voice, Melchor's style of indie-folk and alternative pop/rock music has made a significant impression on fans around the globe. He is set to commence his 33-stop tour in the beginning of 2023, making stops across the United States and Canada. With an extremely serene style of music, Melchor's performances consist only of good vibes and happy faces. His classically trained voice soothes all fans lucky enough to hear him live. First emerging in 2017 with his debut song "Brook Revisited," Melchor has continued to release content. Melchor released his first EP, The Archer, in 2017 and followed with the EP Plan On You in 2019, Summer Camp in 2020, and his debut album, Melchor Lullaby Hotline, Vol. 1 in 2021.

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