Colin Eatock Choral and Orchestral Music Colin Eatock

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Label: Centrediscs

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

Artist: Colin Eatock

Composer: Colin Eatock

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  • Colin Eatock (b. 1958): Ashes of Soldiers (2010-2012):
  • 1Eatock: Ashes of Soldiers (2010-2012)10:17
  • The Lord is Risen (2021):
  • 2Eatock: The Lord is Risen (2021)02:28
  • In the Bleak Mid-Winter (1998):
  • 3Eatock: In the Bleak Mid-Winter (1998)03:45
  • Cast Off All Doubtful Care (2012):
  • 4Eatock: Cast Off All Doubtful Care (2012)03:50
  • Three Poems by Amy Lowell - Absence:
  • 5Eatock: Three Poems by Amy Lowell - Absence02:51
  • Three Poems by Amy Lowell - Vintage:
  • 6Eatock: Three Poems by Amy Lowell - Vintage02:16
  • Three Poems by Amy Lowell - The Giver of Stars:
  • 7Eatock: Three Poems by Amy Lowell - The Giver of Stars02:06
  • Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 23:
  • 8Eatock: Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 2302:56
  • Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 43
  • 9Eatock: Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 4303:53
  • Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 146:
  • 10Eatock: Three Psalms (2018) - Psalm 14603:07
  • Benedictus es Alleluia (2018):
  • 11Eatock: Benedictus es Alleluia (2018)04:03
  • Two Poems by Walt Whitman (2017) - Tears:
  • 12Eatock: Two Poems by Walt Whitman (2017) - Tears03:16
  • Two Poems by Walt Whitman (2017) - Darest Thou:
  • 13Eatock: Two Poems by Walt Whitman (2017) - Darest Thou04:06
  • Out of My Deeper Heart (2015):
  • 14Eatock: Out of My Deeper Heart (2015)06:22
  • Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 1:
  • 15Eatock: Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 104:00
  • Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 2:
  • 16Eatock: Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 205:53
  • Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 3:
  • 17Eatock: Sinfonietta (1999) - MOVT 304:36
  • Total Runtime01:09:45

Info for Colin Eatock Choral and Orchestral Music

“Ashes of Soldiers began its life as a chamber work for soprano, clarinet, and piano. At the suggestion of Toronto artists’ manager Ann Summers Dossena, I subsequently orchestrated the piece, replacing the piano with strings and harp. The piece is in two movements: the first is for the instrumental ensemble only; in the second, a soprano is added. Thematically, the two movements – which are performed without pause – are closely related. Rather than composing two contrasting, discrete pieces, my intention was to make the second movement a continuation and development of the musical ideas introduced in the first. The text is based on a poem by Walt Whitman, from his collection Leaves of Grass. Despite the poem’s specific setting in the Civil War-era United States, its theme is universal: the mourning of all soldiers who have died in battle, regardless of their allegiances. Ashes of Soldiers is dedicated to my father, Alan James Eatock, who was a soldier at one point in his life, and who passed away in 2010.” (Colin Eatock)

Sinfonia Toronto
Choir 21
David Fallis, conductor

Colin Eatock
is a Canadian composer. As well, at various times in his career, he has also been a music critic, author, editor, teacher and arts administrator. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1958, he has called the city of Toronto home for more than three decades.

Eatock’s choral works, songs, chamber music and orchestral compositions have been performed and broadcast in Canada, the USA and Europe. A selection of his compositions s may be heard on the compact disc Colin Eatock: Chamber Music, on the Centrediscs label; and his music has also been released on the Furiant, Echiquier and Toreador labels. He is an associate member of the Canadian Music Centre, where most of his scores are available.

Eatock has written many articles for Toronto’s Globe and Mail and National Post newspapers. As well, he has contributed to Opera Canada, Opus, Queen’s Quarterly and The WholeNote in Canada; the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle, the Kansas City Star, American Record Guide, Early Music America and Strings in the USA; and BBC Music, The Strad, Opera, Musical Opinion and International Piano in the UK.

His first book, Mendelssohn and Victorian England, was published by Ashgate Press in 2009, and later re-issued by Routledge. His second book, Remembering Glenn Gould: Twenty Interviews With People Who Knew Him, was released by Penumbra Press in 2012.

Eatock holds a PhD in musicology from the University of Toronto, and has also lectured at the U of T. As well, he holds masters degrees in music composition (U of T) and music criticism (McMaster University), and a bachelor of music degree (University of Western Ontario).

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