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  • 1The Dark End Of The Street02:35
  • 2Strange Religion03:53
  • 3Lilac Wine04:14
  • 4I Held My Baby Last Night03:35
  • 5A Man Needs A Maid04:11
  • 6Metal Heart04:46
  • 7Shut Me Down04:05
  • 8Where My Love Lies Asleep04:22
  • 9Smile03:28
  • 10The Desperate Kingdom Of Love02:55
  • 11Not Dark Yet05:20
  • 12Always On My Mind03:18
  • Total Runtime46:42

Info for Imposter

"Imposter", a collection of songs from Dave Gahan & Soulsavers. This is Dave Gahan third collaboration with the Soulsavers, following their releases ‘Angels & Ghosts’ in 2015 and ‘The Light the Dead See’ in 2012.

The album will feature the inimitable Gahan reimagining classic songs “from across genres and time periods,” and he means it: Gahan will perform numbers penned by everyone from PJ Harvey to Jeff Buckley to Charlie Chaplin to Bob Dylan. The album’s first single, a cover of Cat Power’s Metal Heart, will be unleashed this Friday. Gahan also brings new light to Neil Young’s A Man Needs a Maid, Mark Lanegan‘s Dark Religion, and Gene Clark’s Where My Love Lies Asleep,

“When I listen to other people’s voices and songs—more importantly the way they sing them and interpret the words—I feel at home,” Gahan said. “I identify with it. It comforts me more than anything else. There’s not one performer on the record who I haven’t been moved by. I know we made something special, and I hope other people feel that and it takes them on a little kind of trip—especially people who love music and have for years.”

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers
On Depeche Mode's 2009 world tour, U.K. production duo Soulsavers (Rich Machin and Ian Glover) supported the European batch of shows and forged a fortuitous relationship that would bear fruit in 2012. That year, Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan joined forces with Soulsavers on The Light the Dead See (V2 Records/Mute), a combination of Soulsavers' downtempo electronic mood music and Gahan's gloomy, distressed lyrics and vocals. The dramatic tone of the album was amped up by lush production and a bluesy haze, something both artists were well familiar with from their regular day jobs. However, it wasn't until their 2015 record, Angels & Ghosts, that the trio truly gelled. Instead of simply combining Gahan's words with Soulsavers' sounds, their sophomore release was a true collaborative effort, with all three artists receiving songwriting credits. Like The Light the Dead See, Angels & Ghosts dripped with blues and gospel influences. They toured in late 2015 with a full band for a series of intimate shows in Europe and the United States. The group's third collaboration, Imposter, arrived in late 2021 and featured Gahan's cover versions of songs by Neil Young, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, and more.

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