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  • 1The Taxi Driver / Close Enough06:13
  • 2Happy Chance / Marnie's Melody04:47
  • 3Daisy's Dance04:25
  • 4Happy Little Phoebe / Manny Mountain04:46
  • 5Bide the Night04:23
  • 6The Fiddler's Gun03:34
  • 7Endless Wanderer03:27
  • 8Happy Sevens / Monster Rabbit04:41
  • 9Whirlwind03:59
  • 10EDB & Lady Grey03:51
  • 11Woman of No Place03:17
  • 12Soundcheck Sonics / Andy Brown's03:42
  • 13The Thrify Wife03:48
  • Total Runtime54:53

Info for Banjophonics

This spectacular debut duo album from Coleraine’s Damien O’Kane and California’s Ron Block - is probably nothing like you could imagine. This record is about the marrying of two different banjo traditions and the union of two cultures - bluegrass and Irish.

Damien and Ron started working new record Banjophonics in April 2019. They recorded a bunch of tracks and met up again at Pure Studios to record more in November 2019 after a tour in the UK. The men had planned to finish the record in April 2020 but a certain pandemic got in the way! A real treat for banjo lovers worldwide, they will tour the UK and Ireland in July & October 2022, with full band, to showcase another masterclass on tenor and bluegrass banjos and how their respective traditions meet and unite in perfect and thrilling harmony.

“Beautiful and wild, there are no boundaries here. Something I have never heard before.” (Jerry Douglas)

"I really like this project a lot. It’s incredibly well played and recorded, nice surprises with the guests!! Anyone that likes Irish and American roots music will love this record." (Ricky Skaggs)

"I challenge banjo non-believers not to be moved by this transatlantic banjo union.” (Lynette Fay, BBC Radio Ulster)

Ron Block, banjo, guitar, vocals
Damien O’Kane, tenor banjo, tenor guitar, vocals
Duncan Lyall, double bass, Moog synth
Ali Hutton, guitar, stomp

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