Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (Remastered) Renato Fasano

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Label: RCA Red Seal

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

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  • Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787): Orfeo ed Euridice:
  • 1Overtura03:13
  • Act I:
  • 2Ah, se intorno a quest'urna funesta04:38
  • 3Amici, quel lamento aggrava il mio dolore00:40
  • 4Pantomime02:12
  • 5Ah, se intorno a quest'urna funesta02:13
  • 6Restar vogl'io da sol fra l'ombre oscure01:57
  • 7Chiamo il mio ben così01:24
  • 8Euridice, Euridice, ombra cara01:51
  • 9Cerco il mio ben così01:26
  • 10Euridice! Euridice!01:38
  • 11Piango il mio ben così01:32
  • 12O Numi, barbari Numi01:33
  • 13Amore assisterà l'infelice consorte!00:37
  • 14Se il dolce suon de la tua lira01:04
  • 15Ciel! Lei riveder potrò!01:16
  • 16Gli sguardi trattieni01:59
  • 17Che disse? Che ascoltai?02:43
  • Act II: Scene 1:
  • 18Introduzione01:35
  • 19Chi mai dell'Erebo00:36
  • 20Ballo00:43
  • 21Chi mai dell'Erebo01:11
  • 22Deh! placatevi con me!02:39
  • 23Misero giovine! Che vuoi, che mediti?01:07
  • 24Mille pene, ombre sdegnose01:15
  • 25Ah! quale incognito affetto flebile00:56
  • 26Men tiranne, ah, voi sareste00:48
  • 27Ah! quale incognito affetto flebile01:37
  • 28Ballo delle Furie04:11
  • Scene 2:
  • 29Ballo degli Spiriti Beati08:33
  • 30Air02:32
  • 31Questo asilo di placide calme03:03
  • 32Che puro ciel! Che chiaro sol!04:16
  • 33Vieni ai regni del riposo02:09
  • 34Ballo degli Eroi01:57
  • 35O voi, ombre felici00:57
  • 36Torna, o bella, al tuo consorte02:51
  • Act III:
  • 37Vieni, segui i miei passi04:38
  • 38Vieni, appaga il tuo consorte!04:02
  • 39Qual vita è questa mai01:50
  • 40Che fiero momento!00:51
  • 41Avvezza al contento d'un placido obblio01:44
  • 42Che fiero momento!00:53
  • 43Ecco novel tormento!03:11
  • 44Che farò senza Euridice?04:35
  • 45Ah! finisca e per sempre01:26
  • 46Orfeo! Che fai?02:00
  • 47Trionfi Amore!03:36
  • 48Gracieux02:28
  • 49Gavotte02:14
  • 50Air vif03:13
  • 51Menuet02:12
  • 52Divo Amore, son tue pene estasiante voluttà03:25
  • 53Maestoso00:40
  • 54Très lentement03:08
  • 55Chaconne08:04
  • Total Runtime02:09:02

Info for Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (Remastered)

This recording of Orfeo dates back 25 years. It was much admired in its day, and may still be. It presents a traditional composite version of the score, incorporating most of the Paris additions (but not the bravura aria for Orfeo at the end of Act 1) with the alto voice and the key-scheme to go with it from the Viennese-Italian version: an understandable attempt to get the best of every world. Shirley Verrett makes a deeply impressive Orfeo, firm and pure in sound, classically restrained in expression; and her ''Che faro'', at a moderate, beautifully judged speed, is very finely sung, poised and quietly moving. The many other good moments include ''Che puro ciel'', done with a real sense of wonderment, to sounds of delicious refinement from the orchestra. Anna Moffo provides a competent, not specially interesting Euridice and there is an Amor of real charm and style from the late Judith Raskin.

The set is conducted by Renato Fasano, whose pacing of the score shows a very sure touch. The dance music has a grace and lightness, and a stylistic command, that one might not have expected from an orchestra which in those days seemed to be fed chiefly on a diet of Vivaldi. Their Gluck playing is first-rate; nowadays we tend to phrase this music in less long-breathed a way, but this performance is of its time and represents its time persuasively. There is an excellent chorus, singing in their native tongue—a real advantage.

Anybody wanting a traditional mixed text of Orfeo should, I think, consider this version very seriously. The immediate competitor is of course the recent Haenchen set, with Jochen Kowalski (Capriccio/Target), whose smooth yet passionate singing is undeniably impressive; but taken all round I am inclined to recommend the Verrett on the strength of the direction and supporting cast to anyone wanting this text and certainly to anyone who is not happy with a male alto as Orfeo. My own preference, among all current performances, remains with the Kuijken set on Accent, on period instruments and offering a 'pure' text, but I realize that it will not be to everyone's taste. (tanley Sadie, Gramophone)

Shirley Verrett, mezzo-soprano (Orfeo)
Anna Moffo, soprano (Euridice)
Judith Raskin, soprano (Amor)
I Virtuosi di Roma
Renato Fasano, conductor

Digitally remastered

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