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  • Prologue
  • 1La selva (Butes)02:21
  • Act 1
  • 2O eterno (Orfeo)05:19
  • 3Passacaglia di Euridice01:25
  • 4Habra una ninfa (Nahual)02:05
  • 5Romance de la luna tucumana (Euridice, Orfeo)04:34
  • 6Pajarillo (Euridice)03:19
  • 7Zumba che zumba02:49
  • 8Aristeo intento (Nahual)03:02
  • 9Cubramonos con cenizas (Orfeo, Nahual, Aristeo)06:47
  • Act 3
  • 10Sinfonia02:38
  • 11Cirene, madre03:02
  • Act 4
  • 12Esta barca (Nahual, Orfeo)08:01
  • 13Si me escuchara (Orfeo)04:05
  • 14Sigue bebiendo (Nahual, Orfeo)02:06
  • 15Aparicion de Euridice (Nahual, Euridice, Orfeo)04:39
  • 16Lamento de Orfeo (Orfeo)03:32
  • Act 5
  • 17Bucimis (Dance of the Bacchantes)02:25
  • 18La cabeza de Orfeo (Orfeo, Aristeo)07:36
  • Total Runtime01:09:45

Info for Pluhar: Orfeo Chaman

A unique retelling of the Orpheus myth drawing on Baroque music and folksongs from South America to Sicily, with a real-life Orfeo – the blind Argentinean singer-guitarist Nahuel Pennisi – in the title role. The resulting opera composed and arranged by Christina Pluhar reveals the mysterious shamanic side of the legendary musician who ventures into the underworld for love.

Nahuel Pennisi (Orfeo)
Luciana Mancini (Eurídice)
Vincenzo Capezzuto (Butes, Nahual)
Emiliano Gonzalez (Toro Aristeo)
Christina Pluhar, theorbo & direction

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