An Evening of Flamenco Music (Remastered) Los Romeros

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  • 1Fandangos de Huelva03:45
  • 2Soleares06:46
  • 3Alegrías03:57
  • 4Bulerias05:13
  • 5Rumbas Gitanas04:36
  • 6Peteneras03:49
  • 7Granadinas04:25
  • 8Salinas de Cadiz04:50
  • Total Runtime37:21

Info for An Evening of Flamenco Music (Remastered)

The Romero brothers are classically trained sons of a master guitarist who build an "electrical crescendo" with their music that sometimes transforms the decorum of classical concerts into the explosiveness of a rock concert. Standing ovations are the norm.

Celedonio Romero and his family belong to a generation that, in the years following the Spanish Civil War, fled the cultural desert of the Franco regime, especially in regards to music. Along with the many other expatriates among whom I found myself, we had to open roads distant from Spain, but thanks also to this exile we could carry our art to the world and collaborate in creating an image of Spain that did not consist solely of bullfights and flamenco.

The Romeros moved to Hollywood in 1958, where they established a studio for teaching guitar. Starting in 1960, the quartet performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, and was making recordings on the Contemporary and Mercury labels. The guitar had become the dominant instrument of that period, and there was a ready market for a quartet of Spaniards playing classical and flamenco favorites. They were soon touring throughout the U.S., in cities large and small. The highlight of the 1960s was their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, in 1967, a decade after their arrival in California and the year in which they became U.S. citizens.

Los Romeros

Digitally remastered

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