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Label: Aliud Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chant

Artist: Trigon Ensemble

Composer: Anonimus

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  • I Introduction
  • 1Ic wil mi seluen troesten (St. Agnes Convent Utrecht)03:11
  • 2Super omnia and Lux est in tenebris (Fraterhuis Zwolle)01:22
  • 3Verbliit v lieve susterkijn (St. Margareth’s Convent Amsterdam) à103:59
  • 4Nullus labor (IJsselvalley - Zwolle)00:54
  • 5Die werelt hielt mi in hair gewout (St. Agnes Convent Utrecht)04:53
  • II Marian Devotion
  • 6Salve Regina (Mariënpoel Convent near Leiden) à1 with Versus super Salve - Virginalis castitas (IJsselvalley - Zwolle) à205:28
  • 7Maria nobilissima (Mariënpoel) à201:34
  • 8Marian Devotion, Maria serenissima (Mariënpoel) à201:35
  • 9Allen mijn troest mijn toeverlaat (Ter Noot Gods, Tongeren)03:32
  • III Meditation
  • 10Lauda relauda (IJsselvalley - Zwolle)02:22
  • 11In pace Christi (Fraterhuis Zwolle)00:36
  • 12O ineffabilis Dei mei pietas (Fraterhuis Zwolle)00:43
  • 13O dulcissime Ihesu, Sequens (Fraterhuis Zwolle)05:41
  • IV Celebration
  • 14O qualis quantaque leticia (Fraterhuis Zwolle) à101:32
  • 15Rector potens (Mariënpoel Convent near Leiden) à101:33
  • 16Rerum Deus (Mariënpoel Convent) à101:46
  • 17Verbum caro à1 (Mariënpoel), à2 (Utrecht)03:47
  • 18Verbum caro à1 (Mariënpoel), à3 (Brussels)04:41
  • 19O Jhesus bant à3 (Manuscript ‘Koning’) à3 and (Utrecht) à104:31
  • 20Iubilemus singuli (IJsselvalley - Zwolle) à302:11
  • V Conclusion
  • 21Jerusalem luminosa (Fraterhuis Zwolle)05:28
  • Total Runtime01:01:19

Info for Songs of peace and consolation

This album is part of the project “Gregorian chant and Modern Devotion in the Low Countries” of the Key2Singing foundation in cooperation with TRIGON, vocal ensemble for medieval spiritual music led by Margot Kalse. The project is a plea for the revival of this magnificent native spiritual music from the late Middle Ages.

Unfortunately, this music is seldom performed, and even more rarely so by professional ensembles such as TRIGON. This cultural-historical heritage has been preserved in several Dutch and Belgian manuscripts, and some German ones, originating from monasteries and houses of the Sisters and Brethren of the Common Life, as the Modern Devotion movement is also known. Fortunately a number of these valuable medieval manuscripts have remained well preserved, following closure of the monasteries during the reformation.

Cora Schmeiser, soprano
Marsja Mudde, soprano
Margot Kalse, alto

Recorded in the Old Catholic Church, Delft on June 10, 11 & 12, November 22, 2012.
Programming, research: Margot Kalse with Marsja Mudde and cora Schmeiser
Direction: Margot Kalse
Producer: Jos Boerland
Recording, editing and mastering: Jos Boerland

TRIGON ensemble
is specialized in studying and performing medieval spiritual music. How medieval music sounded at the time no one can really know. What we can do is study the contemporary treatises that were written on the subject. And we can get as close as possible to the music by studying the original sources. that is why TRIGON studies and sings from these original scores, as found in manuscripts.

TRIGON is the name of a movement symbol in Gregorian chant, also known as a Neum. It describes a lightly sung movement which first goes a little up and then a little down. Early music is strongly characterized by movement; aside from the music’s modality, this same movement gives the music its vitality. In its interpretation, TRIGON aims to revive and render this movement by producing a purity of tone that resonates both in body and soul.

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