Ategnatos Eluveitie

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

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  • 1Ategnatos04:53
  • 2Ancus00:11
  • 3Deathwalker04:53
  • 4Black Water Dawn04:18
  • 5A Cry in the Wilderness05:24
  • 6The Raven Hill04:12
  • 7The Silvern Glow01:10
  • 8Ambiramus02:53
  • 9Mine Is the Fury03:33
  • 10The Slumber04:56
  • 11Worship05:34
  • 12Trinoxtion01:18
  • 13Threefold Death03:31
  • 14Breathe05:28
  • 15Rebirth04:58
  • 16Eclipse03:01
  • Total Runtime01:00:13

Info for Ategnatos

Born in the rural mysticism of the Swiss alps and since a very early point deeply rooted within Celtic mythology, Gaulish history and proto-European culture, ELUVEITIE have long become Folk Metal’s trailblazers, spin doctors and rightful masters of their craft. All the more because they never limited themselves to simple forays through rune-decorated cliches or foolish drinking songs. Theirs has been an approach of respect, historic accuracy, depth and the most thrilling, catchy, primordial mélange of Melodic Death Metal and Pagan Folk the world could have ever imagined.

Recordings of 'Ategnatos' took place in their beloved New Sound Studio with their engineer of choice Tommy Vetterli. “Yet it was radically different as we only had four weeks to record this time around – as compared to the eight weeks we had for ‘Origins’.” By taking mixing duties to the skilled hand of renowned studio wizard Jens Bogren in his Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, ELUVEITIE returned to the very spot where they mixed their now legendary 'Slania' album more than ten years ago.

With 'Ategnatos', the dedicated nine-piece not only worked with a real string quartet (a premiere!) and granted Fabienne Erni’s sublime mastery of the harp the room it deserved; they also undertook a holistic upgrade resulting in some of the most catchy, most aggressive or most epic tunes the Swiss Metal nobility has ever offered.

Jonas Wolf, guitars
Matteo Sisti, whistles, bagpipes, mandola, bodhran
Nicole Ansperger, fiddle
Alain Ackermann, drums
Chrigel Glanzmann, vocals, whistles, mandola, bagpipes
Fabienne Erni, vocals, celtic harp
Kay Brem, bass
Michalina Malisz, hurdy gurdy
Rafael Salzmann, guitars

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