Haydn: Symphonies 78, 79, 80, 81 Accademia Bizantina & Ottavio Dantone

Cover Haydn: Symphonies 78, 79, 80, 81

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Label: Decca

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Orchestral

Artist: Accademia Bizantina & Ottavio Dantone

Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

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  • Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809): Symphony No.78 in C minor:
  • 11. Vivace08:02
  • 22. Adagio09:26
  • 33. Menuetto (Allegretto)03:59
  • 44. Finale (Presto)03:51
  • Symphony No.79 in F major:
  • 51. Allegro con spirito09:10
  • 62. Adagio cantabile - Un poco allegro05:59
  • 73. Menuetto (Allegretto)04:00
  • 84. Finale (Vivace)04:47
  • Symphony No.80 in D minor:
  • 91. Allegro spiritoso05:11
  • 102. Adagio10:27
  • 113. Menuetto03:22
  • 124. Finale (Presto)07:14
  • Symphony No.81 in G major:
  • 131. Vivace09:27
  • 142. Andante07:38
  • 153. Menuetto - Allegro04:25
  • 164. Finale - Allegro ma non troppo06:53
  • Total Runtime01:43:51

Info for Haydn: Symphonies 78, 79, 80, 81

Accademia Bizantina under Ottavio Dantone are releasing a new album of Haydn Symphonies, Nos. 78-81. It is the first time Symphonies No.79 and 81 have been recorded on period instruments. This little-known quartet of Haydn symphonies 78-81 date from the years 1782-1784 when Haydn still served as kapellmeister to the Esterhazy family in their spectacular summer and winter palaces in Esterháza (present day Hungary) and Eisenstadt (Austria) where the music was first performed. These four symphonies have been specially recorded for the upcoming 36-CD set of Complete Haydn Symphonies, to be released later this year. It will be the first Haydn symphony cycle on period instruments.

Accademia Bizantina
Ottavio Dantone, conductor

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