Giovanni Battista Bononcini: Polifemo Dorothee Oberlinger

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Label: deutsche harmonia mundi

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: Dorothee Oberlinger

Composer: Giovanni Battista Bononcini (1670-1747)

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  • Giovanni Battista Bononcini (1670 - 1747): Polifemo:
  • 1Polifemo: Overture02:37
  • 2Polifemo: Invan tenti fugit (Recitativo)01:22
  • 3Polifemo: Nacque da' lumi tuoi (Aria)03:06
  • 4Polifemo: Non mi parla d'amore! (Recitativo)00:35
  • 5Polifemo: S'amor si fà penar (Aria)02:06
  • 6Polifemo: Che barbaro destin (Recitativo)01:06
  • 7Polifemo: Chi dallo speco il nome mio invoca? (Recitativo)03:05
  • 8Polifemo: Voi del ciel numi clementi (Aria)03:38
  • 9Polifemo: Non soffrirà mai Circe (Recitativo)01:01
  • 10Polifemo: Pensiero de vendetta (Aria)02:46
  • 11Polifemo: Galatea, mio bene! (Recitativo)01:19
  • 12Polifemo: E cara la pena (Duetto)05:31
  • 13Polifemo: Intensi oppur sognai (Recitativo)00:59
  • 14Polifemo: Vanarella, pazzarella (Aria)01:40
  • 15Polifemo: Respira, alma, respira (Recitativo)00:38
  • 16Polifemo: Dove sei, dove t'ascondi (Aria)05:30
  • 17Polifemo: Ah, Galatea, t'ho visto! (Recitativo)01:55
  • 18Polifemo: Quanto penosallo, amore (Aria)01:14
  • 19Polifemo: Or che mi sei fedele (Recitativo)00:41
  • 20Polifemo: Dieci vacche, otto viteli (Aria)01:14
  • 21Polifemo: Polifemo dunque ottenne in sorte (Recitativo)00:52
  • 22Polifemo: Se brami salvezza (Recitativo)00:43
  • 23Polifemo: Partir vorrei (Aria)05:53
  • 24Polifemo: Felicità maggiore (Recitativo)01:05
  • 25Polifemo: Io per me voglio goder (Aria)04:39
  • 26Polifemo: Opportuna ritrovo a miei disegni (Recitativo)01:49
  • 27Polifemo: M'è si caro il vederti immortale (Aria)04:49
  • 28Polifemo: A tante grazie il cor muto sirende (Recitativo)00:50
  • 29Polifemo: Che più bramar potrò (Aria)05:44
  • 30Polifemo: Uha, che stanco son di più cercar costei (Recitativo)00:46
  • 31Polifemo: Queste goccie che vado (Aria)01:42
  • 32Polifemo: Ahi-mè! Soccorso! Aita! (Recitativo)00:31
  • 33Polifemo: Ferma, Glauco, che fai? (Recitativo)00:24
  • 34Polifemo: Soccorete e non tardate (Aria)05:27
  • 35Polifemo: Si porgan à Ciprigna (Recitativo)00:17
  • 36Polifemo: Bella dea, che sorgi dall'ond (Aria)03:27
  • 37Polifemo: Che veggio mai, o Dio (Recitativo)01:17
  • 38Polifemo: Stringelo pur alseno (Aria)03:04
  • 39Polifemo: A ricontrar me'n vado il caro sposo (Recitativo)00:21
  • 40Polifemo: Cor contento fra catene (Aria)03:28
  • 41Polifemo: Lascia mia cara vita (Recitativo)03:02
  • 42Polifemo: Farfaletta che segue l'Amor (Rondeau Coro)02:31
  • Total Runtime01:34:44

Info for Giovanni Battista Bononcini: Polifemo

Stilecht barock! Dorothee Oberlingers neues Album präsentiert die Barockoper "Polifemo" von Giovanni Battista Bononcini (1670-1747). Aufgenommen hat die renommierte Blockflötistin diese Oper als Dirigentin mit ihrem Ensemble 1700 und hervorragenden Solisten. "Polifemo" wurde 1702 im Schloss Lietzenburg, dem späteren Charlottenburg, dem Schloss der preußischen Königin Sophie Charlotte, uraufgeführt. Zu der Zeit war Bononcini der Lieblingskomponist der Königin. In "Polifemo" sorgen ein einäugiger Riese, eine eifersüchtige Zauberin und die Göttin der Liebe für wundersame Verwandlungen in der Geschichte nach Ovids »Metamorphosen«. Die Aufführung von "Polifemo" bei den Potsdamer Musikfestspielen 2019 wurde hoch gelobt. "Die hübsche, differenziert rhythmisierte Musik mit ihren gefälligen Melodien in 20, mal kurzen, mal sehr ausufernden Nummern ist bei Dorothee Oberlinger und ihrem kraftvoll bunt aufspielenden Ensemble 1700 in besten Händen." (Die Welt)

Roberta Invernizzi, soprano (Galatea/Urania)
Joao Fernandes, bass (Polifemo)
Bruno de Sa, soprano (Aci)
Helena Rasker, alto (Glauco/Clio)
Liliya Gaysina, soprano (Circe)
Roberta Mameli, soprano (Silla/Sole)
Maria Ladurner, soprano (Venere)
Ensemble 1700
Dorothee Oberlinger, recorder, direction

Dorothee Oberlinger
is one of the most amazing discoveries of recent years, an expressive virtuoso who has received numerous awards. Today she is seen as one of the best recorder-players in the world. Her concerts have been received with enthusiasm by critics and audiences alike, earning her unanimous acclaim. Her CDs are regularly fêted as the best new issues on the market.

Dorothee Oberlinger has given solo recitals at festivals all over Europe, in America and Japan at some of the most prestigious venues such as the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, the Musikfestspiele Potsdam, the Settimane Musicale Stresa, the Nederlandse Oude-Musik-Network, the Festival de Musica Antigua Sajazarra, the Warsaw Beethoven Festival, the Europäische Musikfestwoche Passau, the Rheingau-Musikfestival, the Tage der Alten Musik Regensburg and the MDR-Musiksommer. Other venues in which she has played include the Wigmore Hall in London, the National Philharmonie in Warsaw, the Marianischer Saal in Lucerne, the Rosée Theater in Fuji and the Philharmonie in Cologne.

She has been the guest soloist with leading international Baroque ensembles such as London Baroque and Musica Antiqua Köln directed by Reinhard Goebel, and she also plays regularly with modern symphony orchestras such as the WDR-Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester and the Detmolder Kammerorchester.

Dorothee Oberlinger collaborates with the top Italian ensemble "Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca", with whom she has given many concerts throughout Europe. Their joint CD of concertos by Antonio Vivaldi has received numerous awards from the international musical press.

She directs her own "Ensemble 1700", which she formed in 2003. Together they have realized a wide variety of projects relating to the music of the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2004 Dorothee Oberlinger was appointed professor at the renowned Mozarteum academy in Salzburg.

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