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Label: Zentralmodul Records

Genre: Electronic


Artist: Fresh Moods - Peter Haubfleisch

Composer: Peter Haubfleisch

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FLAC 96 $ 12.50
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  • 1Station Theme02:04
  • 2Apricot06:24
  • 3In Your Light05:23
  • 4Lapse06:15
  • 5Inner Center05:41
  • 6Moonstars03:43
  • 7Venus DNA05:40
  • 8How Does04:01
  • 9Helix One05:21
  • 10Orfine06:55
  • 11Tukan04:38
  • 12In Final09:04
  • Total Runtime01:05:09

Info for Orfine

With “Orfine” now Fresh Moods presents us a greatly varied album. It is the sixth of the project. “Life is a journey …”, the chosen theme is already recognizable in the delicate intro. Dynamic, detailed and playful, whether listened quietly, or heard loud. This work of art pleases for attention and takes the listener by the hand without calling to the fore. Let’s move forward to the trip.

“Apricot”, the opener with wonderful harmonies and new sounds, shows the unmistakable signature of this project. It is followed by “In Your Light”, a fresh uplifting track based on a classical Drum and Bass rhythm and because of the free played drumming and sophisticated song arrangement it is one of the specials of this long player. “Inner Center” leads us to a place of rest, let us decelerate and recharge with positive energy. It shows the true talent of the artist and his 20 years of experiences in the preferred genres like instrumental chillout and ambient. “How Does”, an emotional Hip Hop instrumental, is attributed by the strong trademark sound of the project, but at the same time it demonstrates the openness to new influences. “Venus DNA”, based on the popular Def Jam Beat from the ’90s, new replayed in fusion with a jazzy lead synth let us tip with our feet and with “Orfine” we get a window seat on the train with Peter Haubfleisch. “Tukan”, experimental, unique and strong. At the end of the trip is “In Final”. Like an acoustic image, harmonious and terrific, the artist describes how it will look like to leave the body out of the mortality, towards the infinite.

Peter Haubfleisch, all Instruments, percussion, programming

Peter Haubfleisch aka 'Fresh Moods'
Peter Haubfleisch's pleasantly understated electronic music has cropped up on labels such as Ultils, Planet Vision, Hoerspielmusik, Suburban Nightz, and most commonly, Elektrolux. Mazarine and Ultratubes are his dance floor aliases, while he reserves his Fresh Moods moniker for the alternative ambient he is most famous for. As Fresh Moods, Haubfleisch followed up his 1997 debut with 2000's Swerve and 2002's Love. Death. Angels, from which Alfa Romeo chose 'Decisions I Made' for their German TV advertising campaign. With its broad range of style and tempo from minimal 2-step and house to squelchy ambient acid to sexy downtempo electro, it's no surprise that Haubfleisch's harmonic electronic has become the soundtrack for Balearic mornings chilling on the beach.

This album contains no booklet.

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