Schubert: A Portrait On Guitar Eugenio Della Chiara

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Label: Universal Music Italia srL.

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Eugenio Della Chiara

Composer: Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

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  • Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828): Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, D. 821:
  • 1Franz Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, D. 821: I. Allegro moderato11:58
  • 2Franz Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, D. 821: II. Adagio03:27
  • 3Franz Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor, D. 821: III. Allegretto08:34
  • 6 Schubert'sche Lieder:
  • 4Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 1. Lob der Thränen (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)03:38
  • 5Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 3. Aufenthalt (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)03:37
  • 6Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 6. Das Fischermädchen (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)02:18
  • 7Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 2. Liebesbothschaft (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)03:14
  • 8Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 4. Ständchen (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)04:36
  • 9Franz Schubert: 6 Schubert'sche Lieder: 5. Die Post (Transcr. Mertz for Guitar)02:57
  • 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment:
  • 10Franz Schubert: 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: Der Alpenjäger (Transcr. Schlechta for Guitar)06:10
  • 11Franz Schubert: 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: An die Sonne (Transcr. Schlechta for Guitar)03:07
  • 12Franz Schubert: 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: Die Nacht (Transcr. Schlechta for Guitar)04:01
  • 13Franz Schubert: 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: Erster Verlust (Transcr. Schlechta for Guitar)01:46
  • 14Franz Schubert: 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: Der Wanderer (Transcr. Schlechta for Guitar)04:58
  • Total Runtime01:04:21

Info for Schubert: A Portrait On Guitar

After his debut on Decca with "Guitarra Clasica", Eugenio Della Chiara returns to the recording studio to create a new album entirely dedicated to Schubert.

Also in this case it has its fulcrum in the transcription of famous pages where the young guitarist is assisted by Davide Cabassi at the fortepiano for the Sonata D821 "Arpeggione" and of the tenor Mert Süngü for the Cinque Lieder from the manuscript by Franz Xaver von Schlechta.

"In choosing the music that came together in this recording I tried, using my imagination, to build a schedule that could give an idea of the famous musical venues organized by Schubert and his closest friends: for this purpose I collected a series transcriptions (some of which were made when the Viennese composer was still alive) of works that included the guitar in its staff, bringing them together in a sort of ideal schubertiade". (Eugenio Della Chiara)

Eugenio Della Chiara, classical guitar

Eugenio Della Chiara
Born in Pesaro, Italy, at the age of nineteen Eugenio Della Chiara graduated with top marks and honours at the Conservatoire of his home town, under the direction of Giuseppe Ficara. Among his Maestros there have been Piero Bonaguri, Andrea Dieci and Oscar Ghiglia, with whom he studied at the Chigiana Academy of Siena.

Among the prizes he received - being the first musician to obtain this award more than once - there are two scholarships granted by the “Fondazione Rossini” he won in 2008 and 2010. In parallel with his musical studies, he completed his education in humanities at the Università Cattolica of Milan, obtaining a degree in Classical Studies first, and in Modern Philology later on.

His many concerts have allowed him to play in Japan, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Norway and Eire. In Italy, he has performed solo recitals for some of the main musical institutions in the country, including the Rossini Opera Festival, the Società del Quartetto of Milano and Bergamo, the Valle d’Itria Festival, the Orchestra Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi of Milano and the Società dei Concerti of Parma.

Since 2018, he has been a DECCA artist: for the English label, he has recorded “Guitarra Clásica” – an anthology that collects some rare guitar transcriptions from Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven – and “Paganini Live”, an EP live recorded with Piercarlo Sacco. Before that – between 2012 and 2016 – he recorded three CDs for Discantica and Phoenix Classics.

A passionate chamber musician, he collaborates with pianists Davide Cabassi and Alberto Chines, tenors Juan Francisco Gatell and Mert Süngü, violinist Piercarlo Sacco and guitarist Andrea Dieci. His interest in vocalism and musical theatre allows him to frequently collaborate with opera singers, above all with tenors Juan Francisco Gatell and Mert Süngü. Together with Alessio Boni, he has staged “Tutto il resto è silenzio”, a reading from Shakespeare’s Hamlet accompanied by seventeenth-century English music.

He assiduously collaborates with composers belonging to different generations – such as Carlo Galante, Orazio Sciortino, Paolo Ugoletti and Davide Anzaghi – whose more than twenty solo and chamber works were dedicated to him. He has several first-ever recordings at his credit, among which the “Sonata per chitarra” composed by Luciano Chailly in 1976 stands out.

Since 2015, he has been the artistic director of “MU.N - Music Notes in Pesaro”, a chamber music season organized by the Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali. He is Professor at the “O. Vecchi - A. Tonelli” Conservatoire of Modena and at the “O. Respighi” Conservatoire of Latina, seat of Fondi. He plays a 1935 Domingo Esteso and a 2009 Masaki Sakurai.

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