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Label: Fine Music

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

Artist: Quadro Nuevo

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FLAC 96 $ 14.50
  • 1Sambadi Didi05:56
  • 2Torna a Surriento05:46
  • 3Sun Will Shine Again04:18
  • 4Yorke's Guitar04:48
  • 5Saluti di Parigi05:53
  • 6Plage À Trois04:03
  • 7Ragazzo Samba06:16
  • 8Beach Anno '7504:40
  • 9Ikarus' Dream06:03
  • 10Café Groppi06:21
  • 11Stay Away and Play04:44
  • 12Michèle's Valse03:34
  • 13Cinema Paradiso05:02
  • 14Bora Furiosa05:46
  • 15Valse De Amor Increible04:10
  • Total Runtime01:17:20

Info for MARE

Put on the sunglasses, listen to this music – and the trivial worries of everyday life are lost as blurred memories of a long gone yesterday in the distance.

MARE is the noise of waves that has become music. MARE is the southern sea breeze that has always inspired the imagination of Central Europeans. MARE shines in all the beguiling sounds of a longed-for paradise and smells of dolce vita, ripe lemons and yellow bikinis.

The Mediterranean lightness of being has undoubtedly always been the hallmark of Quadro Nuevo’s instrumental art:

Italian tangos, French valse, Aegean mythical melodies, daring driving songs along a sunlit coastal road, oriental impressions, Brazilian flavor and Neapolitan hits.

They all serve as a fun barque for joyfully improvised adventure rides.

Quadro Nuevo got the suggestions and inspirations for this on extensive journeys. Musical jewels picked up on the squares and on the shores of the South.

Mulo Francel, saxophone, clarinets, mandoline, sansula, whistle
Andreas Hinterseher, accordion, vibrandoneon, trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Gall, piano
Didi Lowka, bass, percussion
Evelyn Huber, grand concert harp
Basem Darwisch, oud
Rafat Muhammad, percussion
Paulo Morello, guitar
Tim Collins, vibraphone

Quadro Nuevo
The group Quadro Nuevo was born on a grey January day in 1996 when four young musicians met for the first time on a parking lot near Salzburg.

The four, who had only vaguely heard of each other before then, had been commissioned to produce a movie score for the Austrian TV station ORF. The fee for the recording was subsequently blown in the local Casino and the film was never broadcast.

But on that day, one thing was clear: a new quartet with an unmistakable sound had been born. From now on, there would only be Quadro Nuevo, the love of nostalgic acoustic music, traveling together evening after evening, from stage to stage. A dream became reality, the joyous exuberance audible in every note.

The quartet has now performed at many renowned festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the International Burghausen Jazz Weeks, the Rheingau Music Festival, Merano Music Weeks, Saalfelden Jazz Days, the Ollinkan Festival in Mexico City and the Quebec Festival. Aside from their numerous CDs, the group has published the 224-page autobiographical road book Grand Voyage and audiobooks with Ulrich Tukur, Ulrike Kriener, Udo Wachtveitl and Michael Fitz.

This album contains no booklet.

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