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  • 1Who Gives a Thought04:00
  • 2We Let It In03:28
  • 3Icarus or Blériot04:23
  • 4Garden of Stars04:19
  • 5Inclusion04:55
  • 6There Were Bells04:52
  • 7Sherry03:25
  • 8I’m Hardly Me03:50
  • 9These Small Noises03:22
  • 10Making Gardens Out of Silence08:21
  • 11A Thought (Instrumental)04:00
  • 12And Let It In (Instrumental)03:28
  • 13Who Are We (Instrumental)04:23
  • 14Crystal Light (Instrumental)04:19
  • 15Inclusion (Instrumental)04:55
  • 16Bells Above (Instrumental)04:52
  • 17Chéri (Instrumental)03:25
  • 18Hardly Me (Instrumental)03:50
  • 19Small Noise (Instrumental)03:22
  • 20Silence (Instrumental)08:21
  • Total Runtime01:29:50


The instrumental version of FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, Brian Eno’s critically acclaimed 2022 album, is to be released exclusively for Record Store day 2023. With FOREVER VOICELESS he has removed the voice, moving the focus back onto the core music for this special 2023 Record Store Day vinyl exclusive. These instrumentals reveal the starkly dramatic and delicate tones that set these shifting moods. The album’s theme, a reaction to the ongoing climate crisis, is now laid out clearly in this hypnotic, sonic landscape.

“Heartbreaking songs shot through with wonder…. these songs feel personal, intimate and urgent.” (The Observer)

“FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE is not a ‘protest album’, Eno insists, but rather, a necessarily sombre meditation on a world that is “changing at a super-rapid rate….large parts of it are disappearing for ever.” As such, it is as timely as it is sobering and, in places, austerely, compellingly beautiful.” (Mojo)

“‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE’ is nostalgic, melancholic, hopeful and hopeless, existentialist and nihilist. Brian Eno is one of the few artists who is able to convey the things he does by using so little, and ‘FOREVER’ is a prime example of his mastery.” (CLASH)

“It’s a safe musical harbor from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that serves, like a cathedral, to draw us out of the mundane and into the realm of the transcendent.” (Riff)

Brian Eno

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