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Label: Coviello Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Ensemble Vokalzeit & Philip Mayers

Composer: Johannes Brahms

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FLAC 48 $ 13.20
  • Bronislaw Kaper (1902-1983):
  • 1Mein Gorilla hat 'ne Villa im Zoo02:47
  • Christian Kuntze-Krakau:
  • 2Unheimliche Aufforderung03:18
  • Heinz Sandauer (1911-1979):
  • 3So ein Regenwurm hat´s gut04:25
  • Carl Theodor Hütterott (1926- ): Tierisches:
  • 4Tierisches: I. Der Fischer01:16
  • 5Tierisches: II. Die Libelle01:48
  • 6Tierisches: III. Der Kabeljau01:10
  • 7Tierisches: IV. König Erl01:23
  • 8Tierisches: V. Die Made02:04
  • Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881):
  • 9Das Lied vom Floh03:15
  • Emil Gerhardt:
  • 10Igel und Agel03:00
  • Franz Schubert (1797-1828):
  • 11Die Forelle, Op. 32, D. 55002:16
  • Christian Kuntze-Krakau: Des Mundschmiss Gesäng':
  • 12Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': I. Drei Raupen02:36
  • 13Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': II. Ein Kinderlied01:30
  • 14Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': III. Der Wurm01:38
  • 15Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': III. Der Regenwurm01:13
  • 16Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': IV. Ein Volkslied00:43
  • 17Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': V. Die Fliege00:56
  • 18Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': VI. Der verstimmte Elefant01:43
  • 19Des Mundschmiss Gesäng': VII. Die Weihnachtsgans02:14
  • Emil Gerhardt:
  • 20Die Denkmalschänderin05:10
  • Walter Kollo (1878-1940):
  • 21Mein Papagei frisst keine harten Eier03:34
  • Peter Kreuder (1905-1981):
  • 22Ich wollt' ich wär' ein Huhn02:46
  • Paul Abraham (1892-1960):
  • 23Känguruh03:21
  • Emil Gerhardt:
  • 24Die Entwicklung der Menschheit02:54
  • Total Runtime57:00

Info for Berliner Tierleben

Music and zoology have more in common than it would seem at first sight. On this CD the Berliner Tierleben (Berlin Animals) is understood as a literary and musical phenomenon. It's about an elephant which feels discriminated because the mosquito, the proverbial adversary, has a trunk that can sting; it's about the etymology of an earthworm, the pathetic short flight of flies and the existential profoundness of worms and maggots. There is also a whole operetta in three minutes - of course The Bat ...

The arrangers of the amusing verbal and music acrobatics command the rich spectrum of emotions between meaningful and humorous. And so do the four singing gentlemen of the Ensemble Vokalzeit and the pianist Philip Mayers who have captured the abundant animal life in Berlin on their new CD.

ensemble vokalzeit
Philip Mayers, piano

Ensemble Vokalzeit
It was on October 23, 2001, and very fittingly in the Christening and Marriage Chapel of the Berlin Cathedral, that four members of the city’s prestigious Radio Choir baptized their own vocal quartet.

The occasion was the 200th birthday of German singer and composer Albert Lortzing – and in honour of his memory the four vowed to pursue their love of vocal chamber music in its many forms, taking their inspiration from the Romantic period, the Berlin musical and German folk song traditions.

The four also share a love of evergreens and chansons and the music and style of the Comedian Harmonists – all of which they delight in infusing with their own personal interpretations, be it through lyrics or the musical arrangements.

As a result they’ve been called upon repeatedly to perform for German Presidents Johannes Rau and Horst Köhler at Berlin’s Charlottenburg and Bellevue Palaces – and on less formal terms - Vokalzeit sing their hearts out wherever they can get a foot in the door – in Berlin and beyond.

This playfulness led to the development of their Classical Parodies which bring text and unexpected meaning to traditionally instrumental pieces – most often tongue-in-cheek. Thus Vokalzeit has established itself as a leading act in the German capital, moving between genres with ease and great imagination.

The quartet loves to seek out unlikely or little known stories and curiosities and tell them in unorthodox ways – a favourite is how Beethoven’s fifth symphony helped pave the way for the invention of the clothes pin. Vokalzeit sings of the stuff of life, of great men and beautiful women, of insects with personality and bathing expeditions, and all this with one goal in mind: exceptional entertainment through exceptional performance.

This album contains no booklet.

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