Moving Cities Antoine Berjeaut

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Label: I See Colors

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

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  • 1Triple A02:42
  • 2Shadows08:40
  • 3JP's Beats02:18
  • 4The New Untitled (Potomac Avenue)05:11
  • 5Twelve Donkeys06:10
  • 6Down the Clipper02:41
  • 7Lost and Found05:52
  • 8Lourau's Loop01:18
  • 9Sci-Fi03:27
  • 10Outro00:57
  • 11Out to Seven08:51
  • 12Diggin the White Room05:34
  • Total Runtime53:41

Info for Moving Cities

Bridging the spaces between the Paris and Chicago scenes, Moving Cities brings together the best of both worlds and is emblematic of a new, utterly modern jazz going through a true aesthetic revolution. Moving Cities started as a live laboratory set up by Berjeaut and McCraven; it echoes the recent evolution of international metropolises constantly torn between individualism and collective endeavors, in a disrupted geography. In today’s musical landscape, there is a strong push to reassess and redefine musical genres. Incorporating all kinds of influences has become a driving force, and jazz, like other genres, is now experiencing an explosion of its aesthetic boundaries. It has moved away from its ponderous legacy and now fully channels the spirit of the times - as it once used to. Unarguably Antoine Berjeaut, Makaya McCraven, Junius Paul and Julien Lourau are, each in their own way, a major contribution to the work-in-progress that jazz is today. Gathered for this new project, they have challenged themselves and gone beyond conventional jazz idioms and structures, in the best way possible: instinctively, as members of an energetic and remarkably creative ensemble led by Berjeaut and McCraven. Moving Cities conjures up an ever-expanding universe ruled by immediacy and tension, while always allowing for collective inspiration. The album conveys the poetry of transformed and dismembered cities, whose inhabitants are in constant search of meaning. Hyper-connected standardized cities desperately missing horizontality.

Antoine Berjeaut, trumpet
Julien Lourau, saxophone
Arnaud Roulin, synthesizer
Guillaume Magne, guitar
Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, electronic
Makaya McCraven, drums
Junius Paul, bass
Matt Gold, guitar

Antoine Berjeaut
As a composer, a trumpet player and a producer originated from the Paris Superior Conservatory of Jazz Music, Antoine Berjeaut drifts between Jazz, World music and new Electronic Soundscapes, developing a great polyvalency.

As an active member of the Surnatural Orchestra, Aloe Blacc Band, Julien Lourau’s project « Groove Retrievers », Theo Girard 30 Years From (with Seb Rocheford), “La Société des Arpenteurs” of Denis Colin and of his project “Univers Nino” he recorded and toured with Rodolphe Burger / Yves Dormoy / Jeanne Balibar / Paco Sery / Sandra N’Kaké-Ji Dru / Moriarty / High Priest&Sayyid (Antipop Consortium) / Vin Gordon / Peter Von Poehl / John Tchicaï / Tony Malaby / Touré Kunda / Doctor L / Yoshihiro Hanno / Melissa Laveaux…

He was also involved into other musical adventures in different artistic spheres : at the theater with Matthias Langhoff (“Hamlet,” at the “Théatre de l’Odéon”), with Agnès Jaoui (“Calvino reloaded”) in film scoring (“La véritable Histoire du Chat Botté” by Deschamps / Makaieff, “Les Beaux Jours” by Marion Vernoux, “Silex and the City” for Arte Television, he also created the sound design for “Le Nouveau Louxor” cinema in Paris. Antoine Berjeaut played in many international Festivals (Montreux Jazz, Banlieues Bleues, Jazz à la Villette, Montreal Jazz Festival, Sons d’Hiver, Paris Jazz Festival, Osaka International Exhibition, Jazz à Vienne, Jazz d’Or, Shanghai 2012 Universal Exhibition, Ljubliana Jazz, Like a Jazz Machine Dudelange…).

He was awarded a grant from “La Fondation de France” in 2012, and has been running his own band “WasteLand” feat. Mike Ladd for four years. He released as a leader his debut album on Fesh Sound New Talent Records in 2014 (with Jozef Dumoulin, Stephane Kerecki and Julien Lourau).

In 2015, he released on Paris DJs records a Remix EP from the album (feat. RadiQ aka Yoshihiro Hanno, Simbad, Sandra Nkake/Ji Dru, Aoki Takamasa, Krikor, Ornette…)

In 2016, he’s working on a new project called « Primitive London » with Robin Fincker: a Fr/UK quartet w/ Kit Downs, Jim Hart gahthered around the concept of Library music

Laureate of the French American Jazz Exchange in 2018, he just released Moving Cities LP produced by Makaya Mc Craven,recorded in Chicago and Paris on the label I See Colors

This album contains no booklet.

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