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  • 1Fiesta en Jerez08:59
  • 2Fandangos por verdiales04:36
  • 3Garrotìn03:37
  • 4Tanguillos03:49
  • 5Peteneras03:42
  • 6Jota04:14
  • 7Carabana gitana06:00
  • 8Farruca y Rumba05:47
  • 9Lamento andaluz04:25
  • 10Zorongo04:05
  • Total Runtime49:14

Info for Flamenco! (Remastered)

Pepe Romero, one of the rare artists to have achieved the highest level of mastery in both classical and flamenco styles, is celebrated by audiences worldwide for his technical virtuosity and passionate musicianship.

Pepe Romero, classical guitar

Digitally remastered

Pepe Romero
There are very few true living legends in the world of classical music, few who have sustained greatness and grown throughout their lives. Pepe Romero is such an artist. He has been honored by kings, heads of state, and major institutions-the encomiums continue to pour in. But to Romero, his most important contribution has been reaching the common man. He has communicated the richness and beauty of the classical guitar to millions of people throughout the world. He has, indeed, become an ambassador of classical music, and, correspondingly, of the classical guitar.

But this gift did not just appear out of nowhere. Pepe is the second son of one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived—Celedonio Romero. And he is brother to two more musical phenoms—Celin and Angel Romero. But perhaps we should start at the beginning...

Pepe was born in Málaga, Spain, in 1944. In those days, following the devastating Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and during the Second World War, Spain was in desperate economic straits. Basic survival was the primary challenge. Yet, despite this, Celedonio Romero and his remarkable wife, Angelita, instilled in all three of their children a love of music that transcended the profound misery surrounding them.

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