Three Sides of One King's X

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Label: InsideOutMusic

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: King's X

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  • 1Let It Rain04:16
  • 2Flood, Pt. 103:03
  • 3Nothing But the Truth06:03
  • 4Give It Up02:59
  • 5All God's Children05:32
  • 6Take the Time03:45
  • 7Festival03:30
  • 8Swipe Up03:46
  • 9Holidays03:22
  • 10Watcher03:43
  • 11She Called Me Home03:57
  • 12Every Everywhere02:40
  • Total Runtime46:36

Info for Three Sides of One

"Three Sides of One" is the group's first album of new material in 14 years and sees them teaming up with producer Michael Parnin (Rage Against The Machine, Mark Lanegan) to record at his Blacksound Studio in California. dUg comments: "I feel like it's been forever since we put out a new album, and I'm ready for the world to hear our latest offering, hopefully there's a little bit of everything that you love about King’s X, three sides of one is the best way to describe it. The groove is with us!"

"While there’s much to be praised about Three Sides of One, the closing track leaves the listeners with a question similar to the one Porcupine Tree proposed on Closure/Continuation. Is this band’s final hurrah, or could there be more music in the future? There’s no way of knowing for certain, but it seems likely that King’s X will keep going for a few more years considering their rejection of giving up in the face of mortality and the choice to experiment with different sounds. Yet even if this is the end for King’s X, Three Sides of One still works as a rough and ready album which proves the band still has gas in the tank after all these years. As elder statesmen of rock, that’s something to be proud of." (Connor Shelton,

During 2019, the members congregated at Black Sound Studio in Pasadena, CA with producer Michael Parnin (Rage Against the Machine, Mark Lanegan) to bring Three Sides of One to life. Despite consistent touring, they hadn't cut a new LP since 2008. Nevertheless, the guys picked up where they left off. Creative confidant and collaborator Wally Farkas rolled through, and they channeled their incredible chemistry on tape. During the sessions, Ty and Jerry sang more and expanded the vocal interplay. At the same time, they hung out in the house and enjoyed the summer - even listening to a nearby Rolling Stones concert from The Rose Bowl outside one evening.

"We didn't want to make a record until we knew our fans would love it," dUg explains. "It took us a while, but we got there. Once we did, we got on the same page and said, 'Let's make this thing the best we can.'"

The opener and first single "Let It Rain" kickstarts this chapter. Clean guitar echoes over a steady beat before a deluge of distortion submerses the chorus's plea, "So let it rain." "I wanted to write a heavy song about the world as I see it," dUg states. "It was like a prayer to the unknown god to do something. It seems like everything is a mess, and we've got no solutions. I was trying to agree with everyone and join the program."

A bluesy lick swings like a wrecking ball into a swaggering groove on "Give It Up," which culminates on a manic gang chant. "After I turned 71, death was on my mind every day," dUg confesses. "Chris Cornell killed himself, and I was thinking of that. Lyrically, it's about not giving up until you naturally die. I want to ride it out until it's over. I'm laughing about how I haven't gotten a will yet, but I should have one. Musically, I wanted it to be really simple, so you can dance to it."

In the end, Three Sides of One is everything King's X were, are, and always will be.

dUg Pinnick, bass, vocals
Jerry Gaskill, drums, vocals
Ty Tabor, guitar, vocals

King's X
Since the release of their debut record, Out Of The Silent Planet, in 1988, KING’S X released a dozen albums that have seen them rightfully earn their place on the rock royalty family tree.

Fusing progressive metal, funk and soul grooves with vocal arrangements rooted in blues, gospel and even the British Invasion era influences, KING’S X created a style all their own which continues to be an inspiration for bands to this day.

Featuring vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick, guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill, KING’S X have never changed their line-up, a rarity in the music world and a testament to the band and musicians and friends.

Critically acclaimed from the start, KING’S X are musician’s musicians, name-dropped by everyone from Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies to Iron Maiden and Blue Murder for their instrumental prowess.

Pearl Jam’s bassist Jeff Ament even declared that “KING’S X invented grunge”. They also enjoyed a long life via the David Letterman Show with their track, “We Were Born To Be Loved” (from 1990’s Faith Hope Love), also a favourite of the Paul Shaffer’s CBS Orchestra to play during commercial breaks.

In 1992, KING’S X signed to Atlantic Records/Megaforce Records, released three albums and toured with bands as diverse as Scorpions, Type O Negative and Pearl Jam. In the early 2000’s, KING’S X released three studio albums and their first official live album via Metal Blade Records.

In 2005, the band signed to German-based progressive music specialty label, InsideOut Music, and released Ogre Tones, an album described as a return to the bands classic sound.

KING’S X forged ahead with new albums, DVD’s and tours up until 2012, when drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a major heart attack. The band then quickly compiled an exclusive live release from their archives entitled, Burning Down Boston.

The proceeds of which went directly to assisting Gaskill with his medical expenses. They rolled on for two more years until Jerry suffered another heart attack, which resulted in him having a double bypass operation and ultimately led to the band taking an indefinite hiatus.

This break didn’t last long, as they were back on the road in mid-2015, shortly afterward announcing they would begin work on a new studio album.

This would be the band’s first since 2008’s XV. KING’S X began meetings with Golden Robot Records management in Los Angeles in early 2017, eventually signing a global deal in October 2018.

While it’s been a decade since KING’S X have released a new record, the wait has definitely been worth it!

The band has been busy at Blacksound Studios in Pasedena California with world renowned producer Michael Parnin during 2019.

The results coming out of the studio have been mind blowing.

We anticipate a release very soon through Golden Robot Records which we believe will be their best album to date.

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