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  • 1Chinatown03:04
  • 2Jeff Town03:36
  • 3Møgelø03:16
  • 4Home Boy03:39
  • 5Slørhat03:36
  • 6What's Your Currency03:41
  • 7Straight 8's04:38
  • 8Mr. Alexander03:27
  • 9On the Shady Side of the Street04:05
  • 10Hey Joe01:34
  • 11Svendestykket02:33
  • 12Nu Er Festen Slut04:17
  • Total Runtime41:26

Info for Tordenkaffe

The orchestra Ornithopter takes it’s name after a flying-machine, that makes is’t way through the sky by flapping it’s wings like a bird. The orchestra is known for is’t beautiful sounding themes that also works as guidelines for the solos. The music has it’s roots in the sound of the great improvisator, Ornette Coleman. But the music can also make you fell like taking a trip to New Orleans, where the wild untamed brass sounds and the blues comes from. In 2014 the Ornithopter orchestra made their critical acclaimed debut album “Ornithopter,” Now in 2018 the band is out with a new record called “Tordenkaffe” (translated “Thundercoffee”)

“Tordenkaffe” was recorded on the island of Fanø. Fanø is located outside the town of Esbjerg. The sound engineer was Anders Ørbæk and all the recordings where done live in “Musikken Hus” (translated “House of Music”) in the town of Sønderho. Tordenkaffe was the coffee people drank to keep themselfs awake, to make sure that lightning didn’t strike the old thatched houses. The name came to us naturally after the long sessions in the old house. The sound of the creaking floorboards and the echo of the rooms, takes the listener into the nights where people waited for lightning to strike. It is also permitted, maybe even imposed, to drink a strong cop of coffee whilst listening to the record.

The cover is made by Astrid Jaekel. The inspiration for the cover came from the local arts and surroundings on Fanø, and we think that her pictures frames the music perfectly. "The Danish, Aarhus-based quartet Ornithopter attempts to fly the distance between, early, raw and swinging New Orleans-ian jazz and the more freer and improvised terrains of Ornette Coleman. «Tordenkaffe!» (Thunder coffee in Danish) is the sophomore album of the quartet, following its self-titled debut from 2014, and features trombonist Jens Bang, trumpeter Scott Westh, bass player Jakob Retz and drummer Daniel Sommer.

«Tordenkaffe!» was recorded on the island of Fanø, west of the coast of the town Esbjerg in Jutland. Thunder coffee was and still is the popular local drink that helps all to keep awake and make sure that the lightnings will not strike the old thatched houses. This old costume, along the long recording nights, the sounds of the creaking floorboards i and the echoing rooms of the island houses, inspired the atmosphere of this album. The colorful, evocative cover of Astrid Jaekel captures this unique atmosphere beautifully.

Bang and Westh have developed an almost telepathic frontline. Both offer a nuanced melodic interplay and keep trading playful solos inside and outside this melodic envelope, extending and expanding each other’s ideas. Both rely on the loose yet propulsive rhythm section of Retz and Sommer. Ornithopter refined recipe works impressively on «Tordenkaffe!», even on pieces that sound as not charged by coffee overdose. «Møgelø» swings with an intoxicating rhythm; «What’s Your Currency» cleverly incorporates Coleman’s harmolodics concept; «Straight 8’s» has a catchy, anthem-like, funky theme; «Svendestykket» has a mysterious story-like narrative and the last, touching «Nu er festen slut» that sounds like a modern-day folk song." (Eyal Hareuveni, Republicofjazz)

Jens Bang, trombone
Scott Westh, trumpet
Jakob Retz, bass
Daniel Sommer, drums

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