Sticky Wicked – Nightfall

Review Sticky Wicked – Nightfall

Is there such a thing as fun jazz? If not, it should be invented for Sticky Wicked. Because wicked - mischievous (in this case) - is an attribute that fits the titles of the new album Nightfall perfectly. And sticky - sticky - is also fitting, because when the seven tracks are over after 29 minutes and 1 second, you can't help but feel the urge to start all over again. But first things first.

Sticky Wicked is a quintet from the Netherlands, consisting of saxophonist Peter Lieberom, guitarist Glenn Black, bassist Peter van Breukelen, keybaordist Matthijs Geerts and drummer Remco van der Sluis. They have dedicated themselves to something that the label describes as electric jazz fusion.

The head of the group is the bassist, whose compositions come across as - in the words of the press material - "original, fresh and contemporary". Well, something has to be praised, the critical mind should think, and then prick up its ears. The result?

The music is indeed fresh and lively. Some of it sounds familiar, but not in terms of the melodies or phrases, but in terms of the mood and feel. There are said to be echoes of Scofield and Weather Report, but I would rather think of Thom Rhotella Band, Trycycle or Snarky Puppy when it comes to drawing parallels. In fact, however, Sticky Wicked seems to me to be a very special, high quality growth of its own.

My favourite is song #4 called Hickup. You can hear the hiccups right away, fortunately in a tame form. What I particularly like about it is that it expresses all the joy and exuberance of the quintet in every note. This piece alone is a joy to listen to.

And if a little joke is allowed - the sound of the album title could also describe the look of many other musicians who hear it: envious. (Thomas Semmler, HighResMac)

Peter Lieberom, saxophone
Remco van der sluis, drums
Matthijs Geerts, keyboards
Glenn Black, guitar
Peter van Breukelen, bass

Sticky Wicked – Nightfall

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